Herald of National Transport University. Series Engineering - Issue 1 (55), 2023


1.     Al-Ammouri A.N., Ishchenko R.M., Dekhtyar M.M. Model of a line generator with a permanent magnet for increasing of power reserve of electric car


2.     Andrusenko S.I., Ivanushko O.M., Podpisnov V.S., Budnychenko I.V. Features of rolling stock choice for urban passenger transport in modern conditions in Ukraine


3.     Bezverhiy .., Sergienko I.V, Shkabura .Yu. Design of the application for management of software development processes


4.     Vorkut T.., Bozhok Y.O., Patrashko M.O., Petunin A.V., Sribna N.V., Kharuta V.S. Criteria for the formation of public participation portfolios


5.     Halak I.I., Dobrovolska A.M., Omelchenko A.V. The peculiarities of development projects management of customs service organizational structures


6.     Godovanyuk P.D., Budnychenko I.V., Loboda A.V., Kosharnyi M.M. Research of energy consumption by heating and air-conditioning systems of a class vehicle with an electric traction unituk


7.     Hora M.D. Improvement of the spark-ignition engine emissions in full-load mode using nitrous oxide


8.     Grischuk O.., Slavinska O.S., Khrutba V.O., Sevostianova A.V. European integration processes in the training of specialists in the transport industry. Experience and prospects.


9.     Hulchak O.D., Tochyhin M.O. Analysis of research in the field of freight transport in the conditions of a sustainable city


10.  Danchuk V.D., Svatko V.V., Marchenko V.V., Popchenko Y.S. Intelligent Transport Systems as One of the Main Factors in Implementation of the Smart Logistics Concept


11.  Datsenko D.R. Parcel lockers as an effective way to solve the problem of the last delivery in Ukraine


12.  Dmytrychenko M.F., Biliakovych M.O., Musiyko V.D., Tokin O.P. Directions and of improving the quality of training of mechanical engineering industry specialists


13.  Zheltobriukh A.D., Savenko V.Y. Method of calculating the necessary thickness of the covering layer from draining asphalt concrete


14.  Kaskiv V.I., Sokolov O.V. Experimental implementation of asphalt concrete mixtures with fly ash


15.  Kovbasenko S.V., Hontar Y.V. Typical driving test cycles for assessment of the performance indicators of automotive vehicles


16.  Korolyova O.I., Karlova I.A., Babich L.M. Accounting and analytical provision of cost control of business entities theory and practice


17.  Korpach A.A., Levkivskyi O.O, Korpach O.A. Alternative fuels from renewable resources for automotive diesel engines


18.  Krupnov V.M. Analysis of transport energy efficiency of road trains in urban operating conditions


19.  Lanovy O.T., Kiselov V.B., Kosharny O.M., Liplyava T.M. Experimental studies of the characteristics of traffic flows on the highways of the suburban areas of Ukrainian cities


20.  Levchuk N.M., Marach Y.M. Development of an international product promotion strategy and features of its planning in various forms of international business


21.  Lisoval A.A. Interdependent regulation of two gas fuels to maintain the nominal power plant


22.  Malysh M.I., Kulish M.R. Phase plates phase retarders


23.  Melnychenko O.I., Ignatenko O.S., Dmytrychenko A.M., Dereguz I.A. The Logistics management of the system for providing transportation services to the population: anti-crisis aspect


24.  Polshchuk V.P, Vyhovska I.A. Formation of traffic conditions on the motor road network with sections of reduced capacity


25.  Poliakov V.M., Razboinikov O.O. Study of the influence of the steering operation of the vehicle when overcoming road bumps on traffic safety


26.  Porfirenko V.I., Kudin Y.R. Problems of the mass transition to the electrification of motor transportation and ways to solve them


27.  Savenko V.Y., Mudrychenko A.Y., Stasiuk T.O. Feasibility study of the expediency of warm asphalt mixtures application for the arrangement of pavement layers


28.  Soltus A.P., Klimov .S., Tarandushka L.., Kostian N.L. To the question of determination of the tire self-aligning torque


29.  Fedorov V.V., Filipova G.A., Donets V.V. xternal noise reduction of the armored vehicle ozak 2m1 using liquid muffler


30.  Kharytonova L.V., Kutsenko O.G., Kharytonov .M., Shumeyko O.A. athematical modelling and optimization of maneuvers of spacecraft with nuclear power sources


31.  Kharlamov S.A. Traction battery choice for electric transport


32.  Khmelov I.V., Halona I.I., Danylenko I.V. Analysis method of transport operations energy efficiency


33.  Khomin N.Y. ptimization of the work schedule of the drivers of the automobile company taking into account their interaction in the transportation process, with the limitation of EUTR


34.  Shevchenko A.T. Tkachenko I.O. Analysis of studies on the implementation of ecological supply chain in urban conditions


35.  Shyriaieva S.V., Diachenko I.O. Research of problems of transport and forwarding activity in modern conditions


36.  Shlyun N.V, Bilobrytska O.I., Zaiets Yu.O., Shevchuk L.V. Conditions of absence and three mechanisms of generation of thermal stresses in elastic bodies


37.  Yanishevskyi S.V., Bilonog O.E., Korchevska A.A. Limiting the speed of vehicles in cities to increase the safety of vulnerable road users