Автомобільні дороги і дорожнє будівництво: Науково-технічний збірник. Вип. 87. - К.: НТУ, 2013. - 127 с.

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Impact of the basin runoff on the parameters eksfiltratsiynyh trenches

Boshota V.V.

The paper presents the results of an analytical study of stormwater exfiltration trench's (ET) parameters depending on the value of the basin area. These results are obtained with an improved method of hydraulic calculation of ET, taking into account the temporal dependencies of filtration area and hydraulic gradient of seepage flow at the outlet of trench. A graphical and analytical expressions for determining the dimensionless area and volume control coefficient of ET depending the value of the basin's area are obtained. Increasing the basin's area leads to an increase in the dimensionless area of ET, slight decrease of the volume control coefficient, increase the critical duration of the storm and the time of complete emptying of the trench.


Anti-erosion protection for the construction and reconstruction of roads

Hamelyak I.P., Gordienko A.S.

The main factors that affect and soil erosion in Ukraine and ways of erosion protection. The method of calculating the erosion protection of slopes using geosynthetic materials to protect the soil surface from erosion by water and wind blowing. The algorithm and examples of calculation using polyamide geomates Enkamat® for erosion protection of slopes and slopes.


The influence of the loading rate and the width of the specimen on the mechanical properties of geotextiles termoskriplenoho

Dmitrenco L.A., Hamelyak I.P., Shatylo T.V., Strokach S.L.

Considered methods for testing modern heosyntentetychnyh material (GM). To establish the influence of test parameters (rate of deformation and the width of the sample) on the mechanical properties of the GM tested nonwoven geotextiles termoskriplenyh Typar different brands. The presented method and results of the studies. The software modules in application packages (Mathcad and EXEL) to calculate the marginal strength and relative elongation during stretching GM tested with different parameters.


Calculation of the strength of reinforced concrete protective tube clips free-flow of rainwater networks of road surface and pressure tractor LV -80

Dubyk O.M.

The calculation of the strength of the protective concrete clips pressurized pipe networks rain viaduct terminal "D" International airport "Borispol". The algorithm engineering calculation freely placed beams-clips on elastic foundation by the method of initial parameters using hyperbole-trigonometric functions. To determine the demanding accuracy and reliability of simulation results for different boundary conditions applied most efficient numerical method of finite elements. To do this, the results of engineering calculations determined parameters of the equivalent section beams-clips finite length and performed calculations with different schemes ITU load on algorithms that are taken in [1]. According to the results of calculations set out proposals for the design of reinforced concrete rectangular clips for free-flow of rain water pipes of different diameters.


The ecological approach to the construction of buildings and structures on embankments

Ermakova I.A.

The ways of using „tails” as departure at enrichment of iron ore on ore mining and processing enterprise are considered. New materials for devise of the earth buildings, consisting of 70% «tails» and 30% average loams, are offered. Using of this material, which helps with ecological, technical and economic problems of industry is shown.


Metod hydraulic calculation of unsteady processes in the hydraulic block treatment plants rain sewage

Zhuk V.M., Pavlyshyn V.H.

The paper presents a method of hydraulic calculation of unsteady hydraulic processes in the block-type stormwater treatment system (SWTS) with a bypass pipe and without any flow control devices depending the stormwater runoff hydrograph and taking into account hydraulic dependencies between all adjacent elements of the system. The proposed method allows to determine the optimal  hydraulic diameter of the bypass pipe. For typical block-type SWTS with a nominal capacity of 30 l/s there are obtained dependencies of the volume control coefficient versus the diameter of bypass pipe and the dimensionless duration of rain.


Analysis of artificial structures in the Poltava region, built in the early twentieth century

Il'chenko V.V., Slinchuk P,B,, Sergeev O.S.

The analyzed the technical condition and features project decisions of artificial structures on public roads in the Poltava region, which were built in the early twentieth century.


The need and the way to control the surface temperature of airfields and Highways

Kryvenko Y.M., Belyatynskyy A.O., Kryvenko A.Y.

The results of long-term measurements of surface temperature coatings runway airports. The essential differences between the surface temperature of the coating temperature, laid the basis for forecasting the timing of coatings and their processing chemicals and cleaning methods. Proven reliability of temperature measurements of metal surfaces such as RTD or RTDs SCI with appliances, a widely used in engineering practice.


simulation of vertical displacement of the soil massif in the process of draining

Kuzlo M.T.

In the article the mathematical modeling of soil massif’s vertical displacements in the process of its drainage has been carried out. The validity of obtained solutions has been confirmed on the concrete example. The numerical experiment has been carried out after complete stabilization of soil water level, the complete drainage of soil massif has been accomplished.


Of inappropriate use of the appliance VS Syralyeva for determining the filter sand in BS B -23 B.2.1 : 2009, and the need for non- placement " draining " sand layer at the base of pavements roads

Litvinenko A.S.

Years of laboratory filtration coefficient determination experience of sandy soils by use of device ‘КФ-ООМ’, proves this apparatus to remain the best in his grade, and needs no other device to replace for any laboratory test. In addition, it needs to be mentioned, that the use of sandy ground and crushed stones at the base of road construction has rather greater negative influence on its durability and reliability, than protects the soil basis from the undesirable moistening.


Location kavytatsyonnыh characteristics povorotnыh regulators Consumption

Malakhov A.V., Rublev A.V., Starostin S.N.

Єksprementalno analyzed variation in the number of cavitation and design regulyatoraskhoda fluid flow. Expression proposed to estimate the size of the cavity.


Impact on the overall hydrograph shape erosion at bridge crossing

Neyilo Y.V.

Lack of systematic monitoring of rivers requires the designer bridges use other available modeling techniques to determine hydrographs calculated values of total washout. Determine the impact on the overall hydrograph shape erosion will draw on the best model schematic hydrograph and speed up the design process.


The use of the Dirichlet distribution in probability statistic methods of research

Osiaiev Y.M., Bryk Douglas

The article considers the basic methods of statistic data procession with the help of the beta-distribution, the generalization of which is the Dirichlet distribution.


To assess the synchrony of oscillations of the annual runoff

Petrovych V.V., Artemenko V.A.

Investigated general trends in the behavior of the time series of average annual water flow of rivers to sufficiently large time intervals.


Features excluding revenues of moisture in the drainage design for thawing soil subgrade

Savenko V.Y, Slavinska O.S., Usychenko O.Y., Stozhka V.V.

The results of calculations nadzhodzhennya moisture drainage design in thawing soil subgrade for the selected road construction for the climatic conditions of Kyiv, analyzed the results match the requirements of regulations.


Mathematical Model of branched flow in the zone of bridge openings with group

Savenko V.Y, Slavinska O.S., Kozarchuk I.A.

The mathematical modeling problems of open streams hydrodynamics are analyzed in the article. A two-dimensional model of branched river flows hydrodynamics is proposed by the authors in the article. The calculation method of the secondary flow transverse circulation in the branching area is researched based on the two-dimensional model of the fluid motion. It is suggested to use the k – ε model to close transfer equations of the two-dimensional model. The conclusion about the reasonability of using algebraic relations for the turbulent stresses is made.


Determination of the efficiency of geotextiles in road construction using Dirichlet distribution

Slipec O.V.

The article discusses the basic methods of statistical data processing geotextile material characteristics and proposed method  based of the using of multivariate  Dirichlet distribution.


Analysis of wastewater treatment with surface roads in engineering constructions

Sorochuk N.I.

The paper deals withmechanical, chemical, physical and biochemical methods of sewage treatment on the surface of highways.The methods are widely applied in Ukraine and abroad. The advantages and disadvantages of the methods of superficial drainpurification, interactionbetween sewage treatment facilities and environment, and natural landscape are analyzed. The activities which can ensure ecological safety and operational reliability of highways in the conditions of road of surface sewage are offered.


Criterial equation residual erosion

Tkachuk S.G., Bashkevych I.V.

This work provides guidelines for determining the length of the compression zone in the upstream of the bridge and the compression ratio of flow under the bridge for the residual washout.


Features take into account the hydrostatic pressure in the design of bridge foundations support

Tkachuk S.G., Yevseychuk Y.B., Medvedev K.V.

On the basis of two-phase soil model K.Tertsagi shown that the calculation of foundation piers that stand in the saturated soil water effects buoyancy (Archimedes force), acting on the foundation base of support should be taken into account only under certain conditions specified in the article.


Types of waves and the construction of the curve of the free surface at the dam break

Tkachuk S.G., Matveeva K.Y.

This article discusses the various types of waves, their distinctive features and nature of the distribution, and are examples of cases that may arise some of them. A method of constructing graph the curve of the free surface during the breakthrough of the dam and the example is given.


The results of mathematical modeling and numerical loads on circular culverts in the roadbed

Chechuga O.S., Kaskiv V.I., Kaskiv S.V.

Modeling of concrete culverts into the embankment using mathematical and numerical modeling. Established rational design of culvert (on a rigid or nonrigid basis) depending on the height of the embankment and the type of soil, suggested ways to improve the stress-strain state structures «embankment – culvert – base» for high embankment road.


Development of algorithm selection of structural elements in the design of culverts on man- deformed areas

Shilin I.V., Hrytsuk Y.V.

The article deals with the problem of choosing design elements of culverts in the design of roads on techno-deformed areas. The algorithm for the analysis of linear displacement in the calculation of the elements of the system "load - mound - tube - foundation" is shown.


Protection of natural ecosystems from pollution from stormwater, bridge structures on watercourses

Yurchenko V.A., Mikhailova L.S., Yachnyk M.V

It has been found in experimental studies, that storm runoff from bridges increase the concentration of suspended solids and petrochemicals in the river water in 2-6,4 times in the rain. The mechanical processing (filtering through natural materials) does not provide cleaning of the surface runoff of this composition to the regulatory requirements.