Проблеми транспорту: Збірник наукових праць: Випуск 9. - К: НТУ, 2012. - 304 с.

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Ways to improve the efficiency of process of delivery of multimodal transport

Petrashevskiy О.L., Кirichenko А.I.

The paper deals with management of multi-modal transport system. It is established that the existing methods of interaction modes characterized by incomplete information certainty modalities for vagueness, lack of decision support systems. The structure of the interacting subsystems of a multimodal cargo delivery. The definitions of the conceptual apparatus of research, development and implemented a new methodology for conceptual and logical play and simulation of complex transportation project organizational and technical systems.


Problems of information technology in management process of delivery

Кirichenko А. I.

The establishment process control traffic transport are discussed in numerous studies by scientists from different perspectives and ideas, but the issue of creating a unified management system cargo delivery are not fully resolved-governmental.

In managing the delivery of the consignment proposed to use the monitoring of the entire transportation process, the organization of which is performed on the basis of the technology and graphics delivery. New principles monitor the implementation schedule delivery at the agreed basis of the developed technology with the client each carriage, under which the contract is concluded for the execution of works and the payment is made by the client services.

Management is carried out with the help of information technology in the operation of the control system, which interact with the monitoring and decision-support solution.


Monitoring combined road-rail transport in Europe

Коtsjuk А.J.

Defined are the tendencies of the development of the combined road-rail transportations. Presented is the evolution of the values of shipment features parameters. Given are some opinions concerning the development perspectives of such transportations.


Planning organization of motion for transport of heavy loads of large

Коsharny А.N., Tsimbal N.М.

We consider a method of designing traffic for transportation of heavy loads. On roads with one lane in each direction, for crossing a stream of vehicles provide periodic train stop.


Package of suburban bus timetable

Gushcha О.А.

In the article suggested approach to the formation of a batch schedule commuter buses to effectively address the problem of reducing carrier costs and improve the quality of passenger service.


Synergy technologies passenger traffic in the integrated transport system

Маrunich V.S., Vakarchuk I.N., Ishchenko М.G., Kharuta V.S.

In article the current questions about of  synergy in technology projects passenger traffic if the integration of transport systems.


Bus transportation: problems and solutions

Таrasenko А.N., Gushcha О.А.

In the article examined possible ways to solve problems that occur when making bus transportation can be discussed and considered experts in legislative and regulatory - legal acts concerning road transport, which will further stabilize transportation of passengers.


Method of selection process new traiLERs for international transport of goods

Khabutdinov R.А., Khort L.F.

A proposed methodology and rationale for the choice of new trains to the changing design parameters. The mathematical model energy-equivalent productivity and cost effectiveness analysis of new trains according to the concept of integrated energy resource. This method allows to solve organization as well as technological problems during the transport.


Analysis of development of multimodal transport in ukraine

Shyrjaeva S. V., Кravchuk А. V.

This article examines the state of multimodal transport in Ukraine and gives the problems and prospects of their development.


Testing results of sesar and nextgen at international atm - workshop

Кlimenko V.А., Ljubimov А.D.

The main directions of research results of testing NextGen and SESAR in international ATM - seminars.


Analysis and perspectives regulation international transport

Shkundin S.J.

The article analyzes the existing permits system in the field of international road carriages, the necessity of making changes in its reformation, in order to improve efficiency, and identified directions for further research.


Simulation model of resources in logistics systems

Prokudin G.S., Tsukanov А.I., Prokudin А.G.

Developed a simulation model of resource management in logistics systems such as queuing systems (QS). The model makes it possible to determine an optimal number of regular services in the QS and services that can that may be involved in addition. For the performance criterion of QS structure adopted a maximum gross profit.


Determination of the optimal size of the order of perishable products

Коtsjuk М.А.

It is defined that all the known models cannot be used for the determination of values of the control parameters for the perishable goods orders. Proposed is the model with the fixed order quantity of perishable goods.


Use of the theory of dynamical systems in the modeling of logistics systems

Кrjukova G.V.

In the paper we consider the mathematical model of material flow system (generalized Kuramoto model), we study conditions for system synchronization. We study stable and unstable systems.


Method of terminal high-speed vehicles using differential-game paradigm

Baranov G.L.,

Мironova V.L.,

Таrasjuk V.I.

The methods of structural modeling of complex dynamic systems of navigation in the areas of responsibility, navigation systems and motion control were developed. An example of solutions noncooperative differential-game problem optimized for the performance of three players.


Technik-technological method of evaluation process quality vehicles

Khmeljov I. V.

A method for assessment of transport and processing of the quality of trains in view of the evolution of their design parameters. At the same time, realized of innovative approach to the solution of the complex organizational and technological problems, development of transport times on the concept of conservation of energy and resources.


Project scope management normalization the transport process

Vorkut Т.А.,

Bilonog О.Е.

On the basis perfection the methodical going near setting norms processes delivery loads on the terminal sending and outbound from the terminal setting in the conditions risk and vagueness the hierarchical structure works is offered after the projects setting norms processes transportations.


Planning resource planning appeals waste transport companies

Маtejchik V.P., Khrutba B.О.

Basic processes of planning projects in waste management is described. Morphological matrix of project resources is developed. On the basis of morphological analysis and synthesis resource planning schemes in the waste management companies are systematized,  morphological formula for resource management projects formed.


Features of projects at the enterprise

Galak I.I.

The article elaborated on algorithm forming projects based on the analysis of business strategy and analysis of the impact factors external and internal environment.


Study of factors unification project construction of passenger route of cities

Маrunich V.S.,

Vakarchuk I.N.,

Kharuta V.S.

The research on systematic the factors unification project of building passengers route systems of cities.


Set-theoretic models of organizational and technical risks of complex modernization electric tl-2k

Danilevsky V.V.

In the article the set-theoretical models of organizational and technical risks those can occur during execution of transport research projects are suggested.


Modelling of the system multilateration airport zhulyany

Jakovlev А.I., Klimenko V.А.

The modeling of  MLAT system, implemented in CTR Zhuliany-Boryspil, was completed. Although system also includes many stations at Boryspil airport, only 4 stations, allocated directly in Zhuliany, were investigated. High reliability of  this system with using so-called Multi-Ranging/Range-Aided techniques was demonstrated.


Improving data structures in the system operation of navigation

Соlomentsev О.V., Zaliskiy М.J., Мusienko А.О.

Sequential procedures of statistical parameter estimation application in engineering practice for the example of air navigation devices extending the term of service (resource) are considered. Comparative analysis of three variants of structures of data processing systems in operation is completed.


Aspects of ukraine's participation in the creation of functional airspace blocks

Jurjev J. М.,

Jurjeva I. М.

The legislative, contractual, technical, and social framework, as well as approaches to airspace management, civil-military cooperation, manpower management to be taken into account while possible joining the FAB initiative by Ukraine are considered.


Criteria optimization system maintenance systems onboard electronic

Ulanskij V.V., Маchalin I.А.

The are considered measures for evaluating the effectiveness of the maintenance system on aircrafts electronic systems are considered. A complex optimization criterion for the maintenance system is proposed. Analytical expressions for calculating the proposed measures are given.


Construction of mathematical models of voltage regulation in power systems aircraft to study the static and dynamic process

Zakharchenko V. А., Iljenko S.S., Коzub V. V.

The problems of the construction and study of the dynamic model of aircraft proximity of the synchronous generator with thyristor voltage regulator power supply system of the aircraft in the static and dynamic modes.


Study models of aviation dc generators

Zakharchenko V. А., Iljenko S.S., Коzub V. V.

The understanding of the occurring processes in the voltage regulation of the aircraft generators allows to improve the quality of electrical current during the design of the aircraft electrical systems and electrical equipment, and it allows to reduce the weight of the system and increase the service life of equipment.


Eqsperimental trailer

Gumenjuk P.O., Маrchuk R.М., Оnishchuk V.P., Pridjuk V.М.

The construction of lorry convoy-containers the characteristic feature of which is placing of saddle-coupling device outside the base of car-tractor is described, that allows to transport two containers simultaneously – 20-, and 30-one-foot, and also devices and equipments for determination of indexes of manoeuvrability and firmness of motion.


On the analysis stability of motion of car

Sakhno V.P., Маkarov V. А.

The generalized system and graph-model with factors influencing the car course-keeping stability are suggested. The analysis of different directions resulting in possible car course-keeping stability is done on the graph-model.


On the computer simulation of investigation exhaust wheels

Маkarov V. А., Кuliev R.А., Pisanets О.О., Strelnik J.М.

In this article the possibility of computer modeling tools using is considered under wheel slip angle study during wheel circular motion. The main determining control factors are described.


Effect of type of food for performance car fuel efficiency

Slavin V.V.

The article analyzes the impact of type of feed to fuel efficiency of cars with petrol engines under operating conditions. The results of the test vehicle with carburetor supply system and fuel injection system.


Models of risk and regulatory tactics increase efficiency and traffic safety car in view of information nonuniformity road

Khabutdinov А.R.

For the risk-regulation providing of technological success of transport operations taking into account informative-sensory heterogeneity roads are offered: chart of stages of the risk-regulation driving, logical chain of tactic of driving, and also mathematical models of index of anergic local-trajectory risk.


Method of monitoring energy light-duty vehicles

Khabutdinov R.A., Galjona I.I.

The article presents method of monitoring energy efficiency to improve energy efficiency of cars of small carrying capacity in their operation.


Simplified algorithm for analysis of thermal airfield pavements

Dmitriev N.N., Papchenko О.М., Derkachov О.B.

In the article is given the description and grounds of the simplified algorithm of thertmograms’s analysis. Algorithm promotes saving time and money.


In search of the concept of durability of reinforced concrete highway bridges

Lantuh-Ljashchenko А.I.

This paper presents an approach to the service life modeling of bridges reinforced concrete elements. Three degradation models are presented. The possibility of the proposed model is discussed.


Calculation of flow roundabouts highway in view of the longitudinal clutch

Кrasilnikova О.V., Neizvestna N.V.

In the article the presented dependence which shows influence of change of coefficient of the longitudinal coupling on the carrying capacity of circular upshot at one level.


A systems approach to the analysis of methods and development management road network of public

Lanovoj А.Т.

Systematic approach allowed to solve the matter under consideration - to ensure continuous, safe and convenient traffic conditions through scientific basis enhance the functioning of the road network in Ukraine. The methodology of analysis of the functioning and the socio-economic development forecast road network.


Experimental verification mathematical model of projectile coated with dynamic loads of road construction

Pavljuk D.А., Bulah Е. А., Тishchenko-Тishkovets L.К., Gavrishchuk V.V., Sokolchuk S.I.

There are accounted experimental researches concerning verification of mathematical model of striker and coat interaction under road construction trials by dynamic method.


Evaluation of operations for the single european sky

Zheleznaja О.S.

The article is devoted to topical issues selected for the joint use of air transport of a single European airspace


Nature of power pipeline interaction during fast moving fluid motion of the fluid

Gavrilenko V.V., Коvalchuk О.P., Limarcheno О.S.

We investigate influence of the way of pipeline fixing for high-speed flow of liquid on force and moment loadings at fixing points. Considerable influence of high normal modes on force characteristics was shown. Computations showed that cantilever fixing promotes considerable increase of bending moments at fixing points.


Educational establishment of automated systems based on database linguistic information

Коstikov М. P., Samsonov V.V.

The article is concerned with the possibilities of modern e-learning software for personalized instruction by the example of software for teaching grammar. The perspective of the creating of an automated training system based on using linguistic databases is determined.


Model implementation of adaptive testing in cpn tools

Pogrebnjuk I.М.

The article explores a model of adaptive testing which was created in a CPN Tools environment and facilitates a reduction in the quantity of test tasks for students with correct knowledge profiles, and determines their level of preparation objectively.


Construction of individual training scenarios of students based on cards and knowledge gaps forgetting curve

Pogrebnjuk I.М.

The most essential researches of processes of memorizing and forgetting are described in the article, the construction of individual scenarios of the adaptive teaching of students is considered taking into account the period of forgetting of educational material and maps of blanks of knowledges which are got by testing.


Component identification of non-linear dynamic model

Silvestrov  А. М., Samsonov V. V.

For a model consisting of linear dynamic and smooth nonlinear static components, based on smoothness criteria by Puhov-Khatiashvili, an algorithm of identification of on linear component provided unknown dynamic component according to data from arbitrary dynamic mode has been suggested.


About the form of leap in variational problems with a break meyer

Kharitonova L. V., Kharitonov О.М., Topolskov Е.А.

The Mayer’s type variational problem for the discontinuous dynamical system is considered. It is supposed that the motion of the system takes place in different phase spaces. The necessary optimality conditions are analysed using Pontryagin’s maximum principle. The jump conditions are obtained from the transversality conditions for the modified optimal control problem.


Synthesis system block diagram to determine whether antidisputed system

Chepizhenko V.I.

The system structure synthesis method for presence anticonflict system  definition as a part of dynamic transport objects is offered.


Environmental aspects of performance aviation

Petrashevskij А.О.

The article analyzes the ways to solve environmental problems in air transport. The problems of prediction and assessment of the actual level of pollution of air flight sous-den.


Efficient water use

Demjanchuk V.S., Маjkova Е.V.

The question of the appropriateness and effectiveness of the use of water resources.