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Management of automobile service enterprises development

Andrusenko S.I., Bugaichuk O.S.

In the article the decision of problem of development management of the automobile service enterprise on the basis of recommendations of state standard of DSTU ISO 9004:2012 «Managing for the sustained success of an organization. A quality management approach» is described.

Research object is processes of activity of the automobile service enterprise (ASE).

Aim of work is a construction of methodology of development and introduction of system development management of the automobile service enterprise.

Management of ASE development must consist of implementation sequences of processes, that form close system with reverse connection. In such sequence next processes are included: forming of strategy of enterprises development; determination of aims of work and values of parameters; determination of business processes and creation of processes model of an enterprise; forming of organizational structure; creation of information system; development of business processes regulations and their taking is for the performers; development or correction of simulation model of an enterprise; diagnosticating of the existent productive system of enterprise; determination of optimal parameters of departments and business processes of enterprise is by an imitation modeling; realization of business processes is by certain higher parameters; fixing of results of activity, analysis of the got results and comparison them with special purpose parameters; development and input of adjustment actions, which are sent to the achievement of special purpose performance parameters. A mission, key values, visions and general aims of enterprises activity is formulated in an enterprise. General aims are specified with the use of account maps of the balanced scorecard. All business processes are determined and the processes model of an enterprise is formed.

The optimal values of activities volume of an enterprise and costs of sale of labour force and repair parts are determined by the mathematical model of the productive system of the ASE are based on the maximal profit. Application of the worked out simulation model allows to define the optimal parameters of motion of business processes and departments of the ASE. Enterprise will be reorganized farther, in accordance with the set aims and got optimal parameters of business processes, work of enterprise is controlled, the results of enterprises activity are analysed and amended.

Use the brought methodology of management of enterprises development allows to improve quality of services and promote efficiency of work of the automobile service enterprise.

Further research must be sent to the improvement of separate components of the presented methodology.



The problem of the reliability of financial reporting

Antonenko N.V. Bezruk Yu.I.

The article investigates the methods of data manipulation of financial statements of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine.

Object of research - accounting principles of business operations.

Purpose - to determine the conditions and causes of ensuring the reliability of financial reporting and investigation methods distortion of accounting data in the current economic conditions.

Research method - scientific method of theoretical generalization, observation, abstraction, formalization, analysis.

For various reasons, the financial statements may not accurately reflect the financial position or performance of the company. The probability of inadvertent errors increases in climate change legislation relating to accounting and taxation. Unintentional errors occur due to the use of incorrect rates when determining the amount of tax on the accounts of false reflection of business operations and the transfer of accounting data in tax returns, accounting forms and other data to become corrupted financial statements in domestic practice include veiling reporting and falsification. There are two approaches in determining the reliability of financial statements: the use of professional judgment and regulatory - adjustment approach. It is proved that manipulating financial data leads to negative consequences, such as loss of confidence of all participants in the stock market and society as a whole to the financial statements, reduced productivity, increased insurance costs, goodwill impairment, the decline of moral qualities of workers.

The results of the article can be used to determine the degree of reliability of financial reporting.

Expected assumptions about the object of the study is that by addressing the reliability of financial reporting may be measures to improve and eliminate contradictions in the legislation of Ukraine and the development of high-quality services of auditors.



Computer-aided road alignment with using «monetary» ground model

Asatrian V.G.

The paper proposes approach to improve methods aided tracing roads alignment.

Object of the study - road.

Method of the study - analytical.

Tracingis a complex task, in solving of which competing variants of the roadconsidering in detail on the basic parameters: construction and discounted cost, transportation and operating costs, materials-output ratio, level of convenience and safety of traffic, environmental impact, etc.

Todaygreat attention is paid to constructioncost, which also includes: reorganization of communications, compensation for withdrawn lands, buildings that are subject to destruction, increase in cost that is associated with difficult terms of the relief.

Proposed to create some «monetary» ground model, by whichcomputer-aided designwould be able to perform tracingnot only on the basis of certain constraints, but also trying to bypass the more «expensive» areas,thereby reducing the cost of future road.

Keywords: Alignment, construction cost, The principle of «soft line», Computer-aided design, «monetary» ground model.


Methodological bases of strategies modeling for organizational and economic systems

Bidnyak M.N.

This article tells about the methodological foundations of modeling strategies of manufacturing systems. Research method is a method of simulation. The object of study is the organizational and economic systems of an industrial nature.

The proposed algorithm for modeling strategies of organizational and economic systems, which makes it possible for the selected criteria effectively choose the optimal strategy. Strategy development is based on a set of input data on the industrial base, economic and financial performance and competitiveness.

Keywords: organizational and economic systems, external environment, internal environment, dynamic capabilities, strategic management, strategies of development.


Considering the cost of time driver and passenger car in the technical and economic assessment

Bogachenko V.M., Goncharenko M.V.

The paper considers an approach to determine the estimated value of hours of time road users, based on the use of fuel consumption, depending on the speed of vehicles.

Today highways are built or reconstructed only for public funds. Since funding of the field is limited it is necessary to legible define the areas of roads which need the reconstruction.

The numerical value of the value of time used in the technical and economic assessment of the project making new construction and reconstruction of highways.

It is proposed to consider the approach to the valuation of time for drivers and passengers, which is based on the dependence of fuel for cars.

Despite the fact that the roads today there speed limit of 90 km / h, drivers exceed this value (to the extent permitted), indicating that travel time savings of the road for drivers of identical additional fuel costs. Therefore, we consider acceptable as the estimated value weighted average cost of adoption, which will depend on the distribution of vehicle speed traffic flow.

The estimated value of this approach for time road users is a variable that depends on the difference in vehicle speed and the largest permissible speed. For the correctness of this approach is recommended to apply the weighted average cost of time to be determined based on the distribution of vehicle speed traffic flow.



Methodological approaches to determining the level of fares on toll roads for carriers

Bondar N.

One of the most important preconditions for the welfare of the population and socio- economic development of the regions and the country as a whole is a comprehensive and balanced development of the production sector industries and transport infrastructure. The investments in transport infrastructure, lead to an increase in investment and production. An increase in the volume of production (GDP) provides an increase in public and private consumption, improves the welfare of the country. Boundedness of the budget does not allow the government to not only build new highways, but also easy to maintain in good condition the existing road facilities. This necessitates a thorough justification for any cost components forming the production costs for consumers. The same applies to the establishment of tariffs for the transportation of products turnpike. Experiments were conducted on the basis of the analytical model developed by the actual design and data provided by the State Agency of Ukraine roads "Ukravtodor."

Based on behavioral principles users of the transport network, formulated by J. Wardrop, a model that takes into account the desire of users to minimize their expenses for travel to the destination. Function of the total cost, which is based on the developed model, which takes into account: the cost of investment of time associated with a residence time on the route, the consumption of fuel and lubricants, and traveling along the route at established rates. On an example of the route on the construction of the Kiev large ring road on the basis of concessions and actual route unites with. Kalynivka Brovarskoy district and. Beryozovka Makarov district of Kiev region shows the use of the model. The obtained values of maximum tariffs that may be levied, in particular carriers products based on carrying capacity refrigerators. Found that with the increase in carrying capacity tariff rate should decline as rising costs for fuel and lubricants carriers.

Model allows to determine the maximum allowable levels of tariffs that may be levied on carriers food without increasing the cost of products to consumers.



Influence of longitudinal force on the form of traveling waves in spіral infinite tubular rotating rods

Borshch O.I.

The article raises the problem of the study of periodic motions, which can be implemented in infinite rotating rods and the effect of prestressing forces on the longitudinal form, frequency and speed of wave propagation.

Object of study is an infinite elastic rod, the longitudinal force and torque in a rod rotating with a constant angular velocity around its longitudinal axis.

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the effects of longitudinal force on the spiral mode of traveling waves in infinite rotating tubular rods.

Research approaches include methods of dispersion analysis, as well as algorithms for the numerical integration of nonlinear equations.

Our results can be implemented in practice, theoretical and experimental studies of the dynamics of drill strings for deep drilling in oil and gas wells.

Assumptions about the development of the research object - prediction of critical values of the longitudinal force to ensure trouble-free drilling.



Different type pendulum type dynamic vibration absorbers application

Vikovych I.A., Diveyev B.M., Martyn V.Y.

The paper deals with the methods of calculation and optimization of pendulum type dynamic vibration absorbers for elongated elements vibration decreasing. The discrete-continue models of elongated overall elements based on Timoshenko beam theory with the attached discrete elements are offered. The algorithms for vibration decreasing of elongated machine elements are received.

Noise and vibration are of concern with many mechanical systems including industrial machines, home appliances, transportation vehicles, and building structures. Many such structures are comprised of beam like elements. The vibration of beam systems can be reduced by the use of passive damping, once the system parameters have been identified.

Dynamic vibration absorber is found to be an efficient, reliable and low-cost suppression device for vibrations caused by harmonic or narrow-band excitations. In the classical theory of dynamic vibration absorber, the primary structure is modeled as a spring-mass system; however, other models also have high interesting research and engineering application. In particular, the pendulum type system occurring as a model of a solid body with a fixed fulcrum point can play an important role in many fields such as machinery, transportation and civil engineering. The effect of a dynamic vibration absorber on a pendulum structure with the impact masses can be very different from that on a spring-mass system.

The main aim of this paper is different type dynamic vibration absorbers investigation and optimization. As the model of many actual systems in the literature, Timoshenko beams with various supporting conditions and dynamic vibration absorbers of various type are used. Methods of decomposition and numerical synthesis are considered on the basis of the adaptive schemes. Design of elongated elements of machines and buildings in view of their interaction with system of dynamic vibration absorbers is under discussion. A technique is developed to give the optimal dynamic vibration absorbers for the elimination of excessive vibration in harmonic and impact forced Timoshenko beams system.



Features ofthe information exchange in the process of remote control of the vehicles operability

Volkov V.P., Mateichyk V.P., Кomov P.B.,
Gritsuk I.V.,
Кomov A.P.

In the article suggest san approach the implementation of the information exchange in the process of remote control of vehicles operability and established a system that allows assessing the range of the operating conditions of modern transport, to identify and control of vehicles operability in terms of intelligent transport systems.

Object of study is the process exploitation vehicles operating in intelligent transport systems.

Purpose is development of method sand systems of information exchange in the process of remote control of the vehicles operability.

Method study is analysis of experimentally determined properties of the constituent elements of an information exchange system and related software for their use in the process of remote control of the vehicles operability.

Expedient to use modern intelligent transportation systems for estimation of the spectrum of contemporary conditions of transport, determining the efficiency of vehicles and the rational management of vehicles exploitation in operating conditions is justified. With developed options of information exchange identified, summarized the available information and formed the mechanism and system for remote control, monitoring and management of vehicles operability that will improve the quality of vehicles operation management through the use of specialized equipment, probabilistic mathematical model and modern information and telecommunication technologies.

The results of the article can be incorporated into the operation of vehicles in intelligent transport systems.

Forecast assumptions about the object of study are search for the optimal information exchange in the remote serviceability of vehicles.



Experimental determination the modulus of elasticity for layers of concrete block pavements

Gameliak I.P., Karafizi L.N.

The paper presents the results experimental determination of the deformation characteristics for paver pavement layers. After analyzing the results generated recommendations to improve the reliability of paver pavements.

Object of the study - the road pavements of concrete paving elements (blocks).

Purpose of the study - to establish the deformation characteristics for pavements of concrete paving elements and on the basis of obtained results form the recommendations for improving the reliability of road constructions with paver pavements.

Concrete paving elements (blocks) are becoming a popular material for pavements. Since the pavement of concrete paving stones combines the advantages of flexible (asphalt) and rigid (cocrete) pavements. But little experience in design, construction and maintenance leads to the widespread phenomenon of defect formation and destruction of paver pavements. Performed tests allow understanding more precisely the nature of work paver layers of road pavement. And develop recommendations for the design of pavements with a given reliability for reducing costs during construction and maintenance.

Based on test results, which are covered in the article, it is appropriate to make additions to existing VBN V.2.3-218-186.

Necessary to conduct tests of bearing capacity cobbled pavements by plate load with diameter, which is close to the diameter of the circle an equivalent print car wheel and compare them with performed tests by dynamic plate load INSRESTOR 3, which has a diameter of plate 140 mm.



Effect of optical radiation in temperature restructuring of crystals proustite

Gololobov Yu.P., Borovoy N.A., Isaienko G.L.,
Salnik A.V.

The paper proposes approach to identify the effects of temperature and optical radiation on the physical properties of crystals proustite.

Object of the study - crystal semiconductor- proustite (Ag3AsS3).

Purpose of the study - to determine the effect of optical opromynennya to temperature changes in the structure of crystals proustite.

Method of the study - by X-ray dilatometry the temperature dependence of the unit cell parameter c in the temperature range 100 K <T <300 K as in the laser irradiation and in dark mode.

The temperature dependences of the unit cell parameters c(T) of Ag3AsS3 were measured by X-ray dilatometry method with high precision in temperature range (100¸300) K in dark mode and during laser irradiation (λ=532 nm). It was found that the parameter c increases almost linear with decreasing of temperature from 300 K to 100 K for samples it the dark. At the same time, for samples that were exposed during the cooling at the laser irradiation, the increasing of the parameter с on the value of ∆c≈(0,002¸0,003) Å is observed at temperatures Tp=(145¸147) K. This leap is typical for systems in which occurs a phase transition of the first order.



Uv-irradiation effect on structure and properties of crystallizable systems: linear polyethylene - titanium dioxide different nature

Gordienko V.P., Mustyatsa O.N., Kovalyeva G.N.

Comparative research of structure on the different levels of its organization and complex of physical-mechanical properties of linear polyethylene (the LP) under the influence of dispersible and nano-sized titanium dioxide, and also ultraviolet radiation, on the obtained composition materials has been conducted in this paper.

Linear polyethylene (the LP) with medium viscous molecular mass 9,5×104 and with degree of crystallinity of 54% has been the object of this research. TiO2 of rutile form (R-1) with particles of not less than 1 micron and general surface of 3-7 m2/g has been applied as dispersible admixture. Synthesized TiO2 with general surface of 77 m2/g and particle’s size of 30-50 nm has been used as nano-sized admixture. The admixtures in the LP has been brought in an amount of 0,1-3,0 vol.%.

Tapes with the thickness of 50 ± 5 mkm and pills with the thickness of 3 ± 0,1 mm and 10 mm in diameter have been made from these compositions using the method of hot pressing during 20 minutes with pressure of 35 MPa and at temperature of 443 K. The polymer which didn’t contain admixtures has been processed by the same way. The samples have been influenced by the unfiltered radiation of mercury-quartz lamp of DRT-1000 in the atmosphere of air during 20-120 hours at temperature of 298 ± 5 K with periodic turning.

Infrared spectroscopic study has been conducted on the spectrophotometer «Specord» M-80 with the use of differential method of infrared spectrum’s recording.

Determination of content of gel fractions (stitched molecules) and amount of graft-polymer on the particles of admixtures have been carried out by the way of extraction of the unbound molecules of the LP and free parts of titanium dioxide by boiling toluene till the permanent mass of remain.

Radiographic examination of crystal structure of the LP’s samples (degree of crystallinity and height of fold of crystallites) has been made on diffractometer DRON-3. The average sizes of spherulites have been determined by optical-microscopic method on thin films with the help of polarization microscope of MIN-8.

Processes of melting and crystallization of output LP and the LP, that contained the admixtures of titanium before and after ultraviolet radiation, have been studied by the method of differentiated thermal analysis by derivatograph Q-1500 D. The accuracy of determination of temperatures of melting and crystallization of the LP was ±1 K.

Destructive tension during stretching (σр) and relative lengthening at a break (εр) have been determined as physical-mechanical properties of compositions of the LP, speed of stretching of the samples was 6,6 × 10-4m/s.

Hardness of the samples of the LP has been measured by the method of Brinell. Because of limitation of influence of ultraviolet radiation on the layer of polymer ~100 mkm, the values of microhardness of surface of the samples of the LP have been determined by the device of PMT-3. Values of seven parallel samples have been used for calculation of physical-mechanical characteristics of compositions of the LP.



The combined method of power control is one of the ways of improving fuel efficiency and environmental performance of gasoline engines

Hutarevich Y.F., Sirota O.V.,
Karev S.V.

The article mentions the analysis of the research on combined method of power control of multiple-cylinder gasoline engines with injection system and feedback. The research was performed by "Engines and heating engineering" department of National Transport University.

This research showed that the usage of combined method of power control of modern gasoline engines with injection system and feedback allows the engine to improve fuel efficiency in both stable and unstable conditions.

The disadvantage of this of power control method is associated with an increase in nitrogen oxide emissions. This disadvantage is eliminated by usage of exhaust gas recirculation.



Synergetic interpretation of phase transition is between modes of a free and synchronized traffic flow

Danchuk V.D., Bakulich O.O., Svatko V.V.

The concept of within the framework of the adiabatic approaching of Lorenz model, synergetic interpretation of phase diagram of Kerner transition from free to a dense transport stream that is based on the analysis of experimental data.

The object of the study is processes are in traffic flow of street network of city.

The purpose of the study is analytical description of transition as transport congestion as a result of self-organization of the system.

Research methods - analytical description of transition is between the modes of a traffic flow.

First within the framework of the adiabatic approaching of Lorenz model, synergetic interpretation of phase diagram of Kerner transition is got from free to a dense traffic flow that is based on the analysis of experimental data. Presence confirmed in theory, in obedience of Kerner labors, three phases in a traffic flow: free, synchronized and wide to the cluster that moves. The got analytical dependences of rate of movement of a traffic flow of characteristic time and closeness of loading of road and transportation network, specify that in the presence of clear borders of transition phase-to-phase a traffic flow.

The results of the study can be used at research of a transport network of cities there are transport congestions in that.

Forecast assumption for the object of the study the use of analytical description of transition between the modes of a traffic flow will allow carrying out in the future further development of theoretical ideas about the dynamics of traffic flow, perfection of methods of design of processes that take place in them.



The fundamental basis of open intelligent information systems

Danchuk V.D., Lemeshko Y.S., Lemeshko T.A.

The paper proposes the fundamental basis of open intelligent information systems (IS) based on synergistic principles.

Purpose - to present fundamental basis of open intelligent synergistic information systems.

Research methods - methods of system theory; the theory of analysis, simulation and optimization of management processes.

Most existing intelligent IS offers adaptive technology to adapt management processes to the needs of the user in accordance with parameters of his profile. However, usually they do not take into account changing demands of the environment. In this way, significant results were achieved in the field of a synergetic approach that examines the general patterns of cooperative effects accompanied by the formation of new spatial, time and functional structures due to non-specific external effects of self-organization. The authors proposed a new structural model of open information intelligent IS based on synergistic principles.

As part of the open intelligent IS methodology it is determined that the dominant role in the development process has moved from the negative feedback mechanism to the positive feedback mechanism (positive feedback between the order and control parameters), the effects of self-organization.

The proposed approach can solve the organizing and intellectual tasks to manage processes for large amounts of unstructured or semi-structured information coming from outside the system.

Forecast assumptions about the object of study - the search for new effective approach to apply in the field of open intelligent information systems.



Functional diagrams of bus antilock systems and its modeling workflows

Demianiuk V.A.

The article investigates the bus antilock brake system (ABS) using mathematical and computer modeling.

Subject of study - bus ABS with pneumatic brake actuator.

Object - to develop functional and structural schemes of bus ABS and taking them into account to carry out mathematical and computer modeling ABS using dynamical system Simulink.

Method of research - mathematical and computer modeling of dynamic systems.

The article presented ABS schemes such functional: a generalized for the entire bus, for one wheel of the bus, for spatial vibrational bus model with four wheels; developed as a block diagram for one wheel ABS bus; presented mathematical model of the subsystems "brake actuator", "tire - road" "bus as a control subject", as well as the individual components of the system. Presents a methodology of modeling ABS and its subsystems using system operators Simulink with playback process dynamically reallocate normal reactions to the wheels when braking; as control parameters of the control unit taken the wheel slip ratio with the road and its first derivative, obtained by modeling the comparative graphs changes over time the basic parameters of the braking process in the absence and presence of ABS.

Results the articles can be used by designers at the design stage, mathematical modeling and improve algorithms the ABS.

Assumptions about the development of the research subject - development and analysis of the effectiveness of promising algorithms ABS with increased reliability of operation.



Study antifriction properties transmission fluid under dynamic loads

Dmytrychenko N.F., Milanenko O.A., Bilyakovich O.N., Savchuk A.N., Turitsa Y.A., Kushch O.I.

This article analyzes the changes antifriction properties of the transmission oil. Found an increase in anti-friction properties of the waste oil, regardless of the load.

Object of research - transmission oil Honda ATF-Z1.

Purpose - to study anti-friction properties and commercial waste oil samples.

Method of research - experimental method of determining the coefficient of friction.

One of the principal functions of the lubricant is its frictional contact properties.

Increase of anti-friction properties of the synthetic gear oils with long term operation, despite the reduction of the kinematic viscosity due to the hydrodynamic and elastogidrodinamichnimy factors that depend on the rheological properties of the oil and the hardness of the material contact surfaces.

To improve the antifriction properties of commodity oils, we note that of the 550 cycles established stable limit the formation of new slick, which are further characterized by a high degree of adaptation to alternating loads.

In general, for both groups of subjects after 1050 cycles of oil equivalent to set the value of the coefficient of friction, and the end of the study, he is - 0,030 and 0,032 for the commodity and the exhaust sample, respectively.

KEYWORDS: anti-friction properties, Lubricants, Oils, boundary layer.


Parameters of the crystal lattices of iron borides, obtained in solid boriding powder mixtures in a magnetic field

Dmytrychenko M.F., Tkachuk V.M., Barilovich L.P., Duleba A.D.

Modern development of science requires rapid development of nanotechnology and on this basis to obtain new nanomaterials for use in modern engineering and in the restoration of machine parts.

As a result of research conducted in NTU and related вoriding and siliconising steel and cast iron parts in a non-oxidizing boride powder mixtures using lithium catalysts and molecular carbon in the magnetic fields of high voltage obtained new boride materials.

In order to study their composition, the structure and the composition of the crystal lattices were carried out X-ray diffraction researches and calculations of crystal lattices to identify dispersion obtained materials.

The results showed that the use of catalysts and molecular carbon LiF (which is used for the first time during borating) yields to the production of the size of structures in iron borides scale border from 0.3487 to 0.4602 nm. The grain sizes of crystals of borides have dimensions from 75 to 90 nm.

Such disperse structure obtained boride coatings provide high physical and mechanical properties of the parts.

Keywords: Boriding, magnetic field, high field, nanomaterials, fullerenes, nanotubes, parameters, lattiesces.


Optical measurings are in automotive industry

Dmytrychenko M.F., Shaposhnikov B.V., Tokin O.P., Koshelev V.G., Melnyk O.V.

Optical measurings are in automotive industry. Visnyk National Transport University. - Kyiv. National Transport University. 2014. - Vol. 29.

In the article methods and devices of the optical measuring are offered with the use of objective transceivers of radiation, lasers, holography, optical interferometry, speed filming.

Object of study - optical measurements and devices in the automotive industry.

Purpose - selection of the type and method of measurement accuracy and appropriateness of its use.

The aim - analysis of experimental data of optical measurements in automotive industry.

Forecast assumptions - information for professionals in the field of automotive industry.



Oscillations of curvilinear conduit with moving fluid

Kykot’ S.V.

The paper deals with oscillations of an elastic curvilinear conduit containing fluid flow with pin and roller supported ends. The inertia forces of the moving load in full are taken into consideration in the mathematical model construction.

Object of study is an elastic curvilinear conduit containing fluid flow with pin and roller supported ends.

The aim of the paper is investigation of influence of the fluid flow velocity on the natural-vibration frequencies and determination forms of static equilibrium.

Method of study is based on extraction and approximate investigation of one-frequency two-wave oscillation processes in mechanical structures with moving loads and generally accepted methods for solving differential equations

The forms of static equilibrium are determined for the oscillations of an elastic curvilinear conduit with pin and roller supports under initial tension and own weight. Occurrence of longitudinal tension in construction increases the values of the critical velocity of moving loads.

The results of the paper may be used for further developments of direct methods for constructing approximate solutions of complicated dynamic systems.

Forecast assumptions about the object of study - taking into consideration of the inertia forces of moving load in full gives an opportunity qualitatively reveal the basic characteristics of dynamics of a structure with a moving load.



Methodology of laboratory-model tests of brake protective straps of drum brake of travelling transport vehicles

Kyselov V.B.

In the article methodology of laboratory-model tests of brake protective straps of drum brake of travelling transport vehicles is offered on inertia to the machine of friction.

By basic tasks laboratory - model tests is:

Determination of coefficient of friction depending on pressure, speed, temperatures of heating, temperature at cooling after heating.

Determination of braking efficiency is after the coefficient of friction.

Determination of loss of braking efficiency is in percents at heating of friction pair of friction.

Determination of refurbishableness of braking efficiency is in percents at heating.

Determination of wearproofness of material and control body is on results stand tests.



Investigation of the basic forms of threats to international economic security in the conditions of strengthening of integrational and globalization processes

Kozak L.S., Fedoruk O.V.

The article explores the basic forms of threats to international economic security, defines organizational structure of modern shadow economy, identifies reasons for the spread and the most weighty negative effects of the shadow economy, investigates the interrelation of the shadow economy and corruption, substantiates negative consequences of impact of corruption on the national economy, identifies the main causes of the emergence and spread of corruption in Ukraine, analyzes directions of realization of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy, investigates the main manifestations of unfair competition.

Object of the research - the process of ensuring economic security of international cooperation.

Purpose of the study - improvement of the mechanism of identification and overcoming of the basic forms of threats to international economic security in the conditions of strengthening of integrational and globalization processes.

Methods of research - method of abstracting, analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction, system approach.

Under present-day conditions of the global economic system shadow economy, corruption, unfair competition, economic crimes are the basic forms of threats to international economic security. The shadow economy, having the an objective character, exists in any economic systems. Disregard the volume of the shadow economy leads to considerable errors when the determination of macroeconomic indicators, economic and financial proportions, implementation of economic policy in general. It should be noted that the shadow economy is closely linked to corruption, which is wrongful activity in the sphere of politics and public administration, is to use by officials of their rights and opportunities of power for personal enrichment. In Ukraine, as well as throughout the world, corruption is a global negative phenomenon which is a real threat to social and economic development of society, the economic security of the state.

In the conditions of globalization are escalating criminogenic components of shadow economic relations. Situation in the country is complicated because of a miscalculation in tax, credit, monetary, foreign economic policy of the state, as well as in the process of socio-economic transformation. The shadow economy causes significant damage to the state: significantly reduces the revenue side of the budget of the country, reduces the investment attractiveness, contributes to outflow of domestic capital abroad, is becoming a real threat to national and international economic security. The process of shadowization of the economy slows the processes of democratization and civil society building, the integration of Ukraine into the world community. That is why today deshadowing of economy is a priority task for Ukraine. Deshadowing of economy provides application by the State stimulating methods that without the repressive nature concerning the subjects of the shadow economy create conditions for effective activity in the legal economy.

Forecast assumptions about the object of study - improvement of the mechanism of ensuring economic security of international cooperation.

KEYWORDS: international economic security, shadow economy, corruption, unfair competition, economic crimes, informal economy, hidden economy, underground economy, corruptive offense, National Anti-Corruption Strategy, monopoly abuse, shadowization of international economic relations.


Effect of load mass on fuel consumption and harmful emissions of trucks operating on biodiesel

Korpach A.О., Levkivs’kyy O.O.

The article describes the method of implementation and results of experimental and computational studies of the impact load mass on fuel consumption and exhaust gases toxicity of diesel truck operating on biodiesel.

Object of the study - truck GAZ-53-12 with diesel motor 4CH11,0/12,5 (D-241).

Purpose of the study - calculation fuel consumption and harmful emissions by driving a truck loaded with different mass modes of urban driving cycle in accordance with GOST 20306-90 regulations when using diesel to biodiesel.

The research methods - experimental and computational.

As a result of experimental and computational studies determined fuel consumption and emissions of major pollutants from the exhaust gases of the truck with a diesel motor that runs on biodiesel fuel by driving modes of urban driving cycle in accordance with GOST 20306-90. Based on the studies results found that with increasing mass load carrying truck, the dynamics of growth in fuel consumption when driving on biodiesel equivalent diesel. In this case, emissions of major pollutants from exhaust gases, except carbon oxides, while driving on biodiesel increased less rapidly than using diesel fuel.

The results can be used to optimize the diesel to biodiesel.



Spectrum nonlinear absorption in cdse

Kulish N.R.,
Malysh M.I.

The peculiarities of the influence of intense laser light on the CdSe form of single-crystal absorption edge was investigated.

Object of study - CdSe plate crystals.

Purpose of the study- to determine the effect of the dye laser radiation intensity on form the CdSe edge of the fundamental absorption band.

The method of the study - an analysis of the nonlinear transmission plate single crystals of cadmium selenide.

In the linear optic transmission medium is independent of the light intensity. It was established that this state of CdSe kept up to intensity £1000 W/cm2. With further increase pump intensity there is a nonlinear increasing transmission with further access to the area where the transmission does not depend on light intensity (state of absorption saturation). Using the known value of the sample thickness and values of transmittance at low and high levels intensity, we is found absorption coefficient for different wavelengths of pump. These data allow us to determine the CdSe shape of the absorption edge in the region linear optics and in saturation state.

It is found that in Urbach spectrum region change absorption occur due to filling by carriers potential pattern, which is created point defects, but not potential pattern created by thermal vibrations of the lattice atoms. In the region of interband transitions change absorption occur due to filling by the bottom of the conduction band.

Results articles provide new knowledge about the influence of laser radiation on the properties of semiconductors and can be used in predicting the characteristics of optical switches and optical transparencies.

Forecast assumptions about the object of study - the search for optimal performance optical switches.



Effectiveness of marketing activity in the field of vehicle maintenance

Ludchenko A.A., Ludchenko J.A., Prymak D.S.

Existing methods of definition the capacity in various branches of national economy has been analysed: method of the key equipment, method of the basic production assets, economic-mathematical methods. The basic directions for considered methods has been offered.

Object of the study - transport companies.

Subject of the study - technological processes of maintenance service.

Purpose of the study - capacity formation of transport companies.

Method of study - the system analysis.

Considered methods are the most perspective though for today are still poorly developed. The lead analysis allows to conclude, that the decision of a problem to increase efficiency of repair - serving enterprises capacity usage should be complex, consisting of the following stages: repair - serving enterprises capacity calculation, repair - serving enterprises capacity optimization, economic benefit of repair - serving enterprises increased capacity usage calculation.

Results of the article can be used at the enterprises of car-care center.



Measurement of latent variable "creative self-sufficiency" on a linear scale

Maslak A.A., Doroshkevych D.V.

This article describes the measurement of "creative self-sufficiency" in terms of the theory of latent variables based on the model of Rush.

Object of research - creative self-sufficiency of students.

Purpose of study - the formation and measurement of the integral index of "creative self-sufficiency" on a linear scale.

Method of research - the theory of latent variables based on the model of Rush.

Creativity more than ever, is the competitive advantage of human being. The development of computers and information technologies, including the Internet, leads to the fact that many jobs in the past, while others fade. Many problems in these areas that were once vital to the success, now more quickly and less expensively performed by computers. This automation is even more relevant in the context of the ongoing trends in the evaluation of the effectiveness of human activity in all areas and especially in education. Computers and the Internet are rapidly changing the educational system. Teachers and students without creative self-sufficiency, who can not think or act creatively, build a career harder. Individuals without creative potential will be left behind in a world where uncreative approaches can be automated, creative solutions will also be in great demand. Therefore, creativity is of particular importance.

Our results can be used by teachers of various higher educational institutions in Ukraine and Russia.

Assumptions about the development of the object of research - the study of the influence of the environment on the creative self-sufficiency students.



Creating of sustainable development programs of urban transport systems

Mateichyk V.P., Smieshek M., Khrutba V.A., Ziuziun V.I.

In the article algorithm for the formation of sustainable development program of urban transport systems is proposed.

Object of study are urban transport systems.

The aim of the paper is to develop of algorithm of creating of sustainable development programs of urban transport systems.

Analysis of international experience in the implementation of sustainable development of transport systems is carried out. Experience in implementing projects greening transport systems of cities is explored. Algorithm of formation of sustainable development program of urban transport system is developed.

Proposed algorithm is applied to develop a strategic model of the program sustainable transport in Kiev.

Portfolio Program in the short and medium term is formed. Indicators and results of the program are determined.

The results of the article can be incorporated during development and realization of program of urban transport systems.

Forecast assumptions about the object of study - search for effective strategies of development of urban transport systems.

KEY WORDS: urban transport system, sustainable development, programs, projects, model.


Problems of forced oscillations cylindrical shells elliptical cross-section on elastic foundation under non-stationary loads

Meish Yu.A.

The article posed the problem of vibrations of cylindrical shells elliptical cross - section on elastic foundation under nonstationary loading.

Object of study - cylindrical shells elliptical cross - section on elastic foundation.

Purpose of the paper consists in study of the stress - strain state cylindrical shells elliptical cross - section on elastic foundation under nonstationary loading.

Methods of the study include numerical method for solving the dynamic equations of the theory of cylindrical shells on elastic foundation.

The problem of forced vibrations of a cylindrical shells elliptical cross - section on elastic foundation under an distributed loading is considered. The dynamic behaviour of cylindrical shell is considered in the framework of the shells Timoshenko type theory. To solve the problem using the method of finite differences in the spatial and the time coordinates. The numerical results of the solution are obtained.

The results can be inculcated into the practice of theoretical and experimental studies of the interaction of cylindrical shells elliptical cross - section with an elastic foundation.

Proposed assumption about the forward-looking development of the object of research - to determine optimal geometrical and physical - mechanical parameters of cylindrical shells elliptical cross - section in the interaction with an elastic foundation.



Stability of international financial markets in the context of vulnerability to the crises

Melnychenko O.I., Kabanov V.G., Tsekov K.V.

The paper proposes approach to analyze the economic situation in view of different factors, which influence the economic development.

Object of the study - world financial system and present-day state of economy.

Purpose of the study - exploring the latest trends and alterations on the financial markets with a view to find more effective and reliable approaches to their regulation.

Method of the study - statistical analysis of economic data and retrospective analysis of the situation.

The key feature of the present-day world economy is pouring cheap liquidity onto financial markets, but it cannot give a substantial impact on recovery of growth rates back to the pre-crisis levels. Inadequacy of correlation between financial and real sectors of economy and necessity of providing structural and infrastructural reforms is determined. Some tendencies are pointed out, which will influence world economic situation. The following factors should be considered: excessive liquidity on financial markets and threat of appearing of new economic bubbles, providing of solely monetary policy of economy stimulation is insufficient, structural reforms are necessary, imbalances between financial and real sectors of economy and the question of more reliable financial markets regulation should be resolved, considering of the psychological factor, stimulation of start-ups creation etc. These and other actions will promote higher economic growth.

Results can be considered during the working-out of regional and macroeconomic strategies of development.

Forecast assumptions about the object of study - the search of new approaches of more reliable regulation of financial markets.



Extending of paving season applying warm asphalt mixtures based on solid hydrocarbons. visnyk national transport university. - kyiv. national transport university. 2014. - vol. 29.

Mozgovyy V.V., Danchuck V.D., Olkhovyy B.J., Lapteva N.S., Kravchuck A.P., Onyshchenko A.M., Mozgovа L.A.

The article is dedicated to study of the issue of extending of pavement season applying warm asphalt mixtures based on solid hydrocarbons that provide adequate compacting at low temperatures and reduce damage of the structure due to the lower cooling rate.

Object of the study - asphalt layers of warm asphalt mixtures produced using solid hydrocarbons.

Purpose of the study - researching of the possibility of using warm asphalt mixtures produced using solid hydrocarbons to extend the paving season.

Research methods - analytical and experimental.

The results of theoretical and experimental studies of spectral phase transition temperature and the kind of n- paraffins binder shows that with this transition there is a sharp change in the nature of the molecules in the crystal grid. Molecules due to thermal excitation are carried out vibration and rotational motion. This leads to changes in structural and mechanical properties of hydrocarbon components of bitumen - in particular, abrupt, several orders of magnitude, reducing their viscosity, even at temperatures below the melting point. Introduction hydrocarbon plasticizers (Rediset WMX and Sasobit) in bitumen, due to the formation of certain chemical bonds leads to an increase in the temperature range of existence of the orientation phase, and thus increase in the temperature range of plasticity and deformability of bitumen. Therefore, we can assume that one of the factors that determine the appropriate rheological properties of bitumen is the existence of a certain range of temperatures rotational phase of hydrocarbon components.

It was held research of the influence of cooling rates on the damage of asphalt concrete structure. Based on the experiments of the relaxation functions of asphalt concrete were calculated thermal stresses occurring in a layer of asphalt that just concluded in its cooling to ambient temperature. It was set that reducing the initial temperature of the cooling asphalt, namely reducing the rate of cooling layer can achieve lower thermal stresses in the layer.

Based on the results of the research it was drafted practical recommendations for the production of warm asphalt mixtures using solid hydrocarbons.



Areas of using ash and slag tpp in road construction

Mozgovyy V.V., Pugach M.O., Mozgova L.A., Kutsman O.N., Chyzhenko N.Р., Sokolyuk M.

The article provides an overview of the application of ash-and-slag as a promising material in the construction of highways. Take into account the complex properties and composition of the material and, therefore, problematic use in Ukraine, based on environmental technologies.

Object of study - ash-and-slag as waste power station.

Purpose - identifying promising areas the ash-and-slag use in road construction.

Method: statistical analysis of scientific publications, technical and normative literature.

Currently, in many countries, including Ukraine, have accumulated heaps million tons of slag materials as well as sufficient experience of their use in different sectors of the economy. However, the level of utilization of these materials is approximately 10 %. Therefore, the use of waste from the combustion of solid fuels is not only the problem of saving material resources, but also the growing problem of environmental pollution. Increased utilization ash-and-slag by implementing them as a road construction material is a promising area of dealing with environmental issues and use of accessible and effective material.



Physico-chemical affect of sodium sulfide on conductivity nature of molten multifunctional conductors

Mustyatsa O.N., Lisin V.I., Kovalenko I.V.

The review of experimental investigations for the chalcogenide melts with mixed ion-electron electroconductivity showed the Sodium Sulfide as perspective heteropolar additive.

The value of electroconductivity for the melts of antimony, iron, nickel, silver, thallium, lead and tin sulfides at Na2S adding becomes essentially lower and the character of electroconductivity temperature dependence is changing. The values of electroconductivity and type of it isotherms are the evidence of decreasing of electron deposit in electroconductivity: at ionic additive content increasing all isotherms become linear, what is typical for the conductors with primary ionic conductance.

The essential electrode polarization takes place in all melts with primary ionic deposit what testify to electrochemical efficiency of such systems. However, voltohm curves have the regions of sufficient residue currents, what can be explained by the presence of some electron conductance in melts. The preservation of residue electron conductance is connected with the character of chemical bond metal - sulfur.

The essence of heteropolar additive affect on the nature of molten multifunctional conductors conductivity can be explained by the transformation of chemical bond nature in melts and by changing of mechanism of electron transfer from zone to jumping.

Electrochemical investigations and electrolysis for the systems of molten multifunctional conductors - Na2S allow to determine, that the metal current exit from the melts is increasing, such as for systems: Sb2S3 - Na2S (Sb current exit - 63,5%), FeS - Na2S (Fe - 29%), Ag2S - Na2S (Ag - 56%). The practical recommendations for electrolysis were formulated for systems: Tl2S - Na2S, PbS - Na2S and SnS - Na2S.



The research of possibility of utilization of electrolytic processing of fusions of dump industrial antimonial mattes on metal antimony

Mustyatsa O.N., Yankovich V.

One of the most important actual problems of metallurgical branch is the one of processing of dump mattes that represent alloys of sulfides of different metals. They tend to accumulate and gradually make the whole ranges of ecologically dangerous substances.

The conductivity of fusion of dump industrial matte of iron, antimony and sodium of Kadamdzhaysky mill has been investigated for the purpose of utilization. The course and quantity of conductivity of matte are typical for multifunctional conductors with dominant semiconductor mechanism of conductivity. It has been shown that introduction of a heteropolar additive (Na2S) in fusion of matte is accompanied by suppression of not ionic component, and then conductivity falls up to the quantities of ionic fusions. It has been established that the minimum of conductivity in system of matte Na2S is observed for the structure containing the 60% pier Na2S in relation to FeS.

Volt-ampere characteristics for the structures of system supporting 60% and the 70% pier Na2S have been investigated. Polarizing curves have accurate breaks, and that can be connected with electrochemical decomposition of Sb2S3, FeS and Na2S.

A large number of experiments on electrolysis of fusions of system of matte Na2S have been carried out. Sulfur release was observed during those tests.

Still it is impossible to draw an unambiguous conclusion on expediency of application of electrolysis for processing of dump industrial mattes on metal from the conducted research. It is necessary to proof this technology economically.



Method of calculation of the shear resistance of asphalt pavement on a rigid base of highways and bridges

Onishchenko A.M., Riznichenko O.S.

The paper proposes the method of calculation of the shear resistance of asphalt pavement on a rigid base of highways and bridges. The parameters of shear resistance at a constant rate of increase stress, temperature and normal vertical load.

The object of study - samples-cores, which are made for testing shear.

Purpose - to set the parameters of the function of shear resistance of asphalt pavement on a rigid base.

Research methods - statistical analysis of functions parameters of the shear resistance.

Asphalt concrete pavement on a rigid base of roads and bridges is a more difficult operating conditions than on roads with flexible pavement. The lack of experimental methodologies to assess the strength of adhesion of asphalt with a rigid base shear and high environmental temperatures doesn’t assess the quality and appropriateness of the use of different types of coupling layers.

The method allows to select the design phase of waterproofing material with higher performance zsuvostiykosti and consequently durability.

Retrieved function of shear resistance for asphalt pavement, which is operated on a rigid base of roads and bridges, which allows you to design asphalt coating increased shear resistance which given in materials, technology and design solutions as well as the climatic conditions of Ukraine.

KEY WORDS: asphalt pavement, shear resistance, adhesion strength, tangential stresses


Terminology vocabulary in professional communication

Panchenko V.V.

This article states that due to the introduction of Ukrainian language in enterprises and institutions significantly enriched vocabulary of professional terminology of a new scientific, technical public political vocabulary. Language skills of the profession- it’s a free fluency vocabulary of the profession.


Estimation of efficiency of exhaust gas recirculation on external characteristic of automobile engine

Parsadanov I.V., Maklakov O.M.

The purpose of this work is to identify and estimate the environmental effectiveness of the proceedings of exhaust gas recirculation on external characteristics of diesel in case of providing specific fuel consumption not worse than 1% from baseline.

The object of the study is four cylinder in-line diesel engine 4DTNA1 with direct injection and turbocharger and 2.0 cubic decimeters working volume, compression ratio of 18.5 and a rated power of 73,5 kW with the crankshaft rotation 4200 min-1. The engine was developed in SE " HKBD " to be installed on vehicles for various purposes.

Purpose of the study - the level of environment performance of diesel with exhaust gas recirculation system on external characteristics of this engine.

Relevance of the work associated with the reduction of the negative impact of exhaust gases of internal combustion engines on the environment without significantly increasing the fuel consumption.

Actuality of the work is related to reduction of negative influence of exhaust gases of ICE on an environment without the substantial increase of expenses in exploitation.



Monitoring process of cargo transportation by method purpose control-time points

Petrashevsky O.L., Kirichenko A.I., Alieksieienko O.V., Ovcharenko S.M., Petrikovets O.V.

Cargo delivery processes are complex and multifactorial multifunctional activity having basic scenarios cargo delivery and a significant number of parallel data, and providing service operations, procedures or actions. They have a significant impact on the basic processes of cargo delivery, but in the practice of their transport companies have little control, especially in real time. To resolve this fact the technique of monitoring the traffic of goods, across spatial dislocation delivered goods, the method of control and time points. Inconsistency slot scheduled for operations for the delivery of goods and actual values and control the time point will quickly realize, develop and implement control actions to maximize the approximation of the real process of cargo delivery to the planned.

KEYWORDS: subject area activities, Cargo delivery processes, SCENARIO, CONTROL-time point, Monitoring


Physico-chemical methods wastewater from oil

Posviatenko N.I., Demidova Yu. E., Melnik T.V.

The paper proposes physicochemical methods of sewage waters from petroleum, which currently are the most advanced. These methods allow to solve environmental problems in a comprehensive and high-feasibility level.

Object of the study - methods of sewage waters from petroleum.

Purpose of the studн - to determine the most perfect methods of sewage waters which has a smallest wobble on the environment.

The producing companies, pumping systems and transportation, oil terminals and storage facilities, storage of petroleum products, rail, river and sea oil tankers, gas stations and complexes are the main sources of pollution oil and oil. The protection of the environment from the harmful effects of industrial production can be solved with non-waste technology or the creating new technological schemes using reliable methods of cleaning gas emissions and wastewater. Selecting methods of waste waters from petroleum is one of the most important environmental issues.

The results of the article can be used by petroleum companies and the transport sector.

Further studies may be associated with improvements in technology and equipment used for data cleaning methods.

KEYWORDS: WASTE WATER, OIL, cavitation, electroimpulse treatment, sorption, coagulation.


Marketing component in the assessing image in specialized media

Prymak T.O.

Market of the specialized media is significantly different from the media market, aimed at the general audiences. Few audiences of specialists narrow profile, small print runs, limited supply of information, not big amounts of advertising funds, intense competition etc. make it unattractive for large research companies that are engaged in media monitoring. At the same time assessing the image of such editions is very relevant, because publishers, advertisers, authors and readers, it is important to understand which of the editions of the most in demand, meaningful and attractive.

Existing approaches in an estimation of specialized media greatly simplifies this process, but it does not give a full and objective picture of the situation on the market. This misguide to a participants of market, leading to the adoption of them not correct and not effective decisions.

The aim of this paper is presentation of the authoring system estimation value of a specialized media, which has for several years been successfully applied in Ukraine.

In the paper are:

- The review of the market of a specialized medical medias in Ukraine, and the main features and trends of development;

- The main provisions in the valuation of the specialized medias and authoring system evaluation;

- The result of the applications an assessment system in Ukraine.



To the analysis of systems that provides lorry convoy stability in braking mode

Progniy P.B.

The paper contains an analysis of the main systems that are used to ensure the sustainability of vehicles in braking mode. The advantages and disadvantages of these systems are determined.

Research object - the lorry convoy stability in braking mode.

Purpose of the study - an analysis of the systems that use to provide vehicles stability in braking mode and perspectives for their use in solving the problem of preservation of stability of lorry convoy during braking.

Research method - analytical.

The analysis allowed to find out the specifics of design, principle of operation, and the advantages and disadvantages of the most used systems that provide vehicles stability during braking. These systems are including the regulators of braking forces (RBF) and the anti-lock systems (ABS). On the basis of the study it can be concluded that the anti-lock system is more advanced compared to regulators of braking forces and better cope with ensuring the stability of vehicles in braking mode, thanks to the direct connection with the wheels of the vehicle. However, despite the significant advantages of the RBF, the ABS also has some disadvantages: it's exposed influence of obstacles due to the change of normal load of wheels, change the braking torque of the brake mechanisms, the presence of electromagnetic fields; the significant disadvantage of ABS is high cost of equipment.

Electronic brake system (EBS) is analyzed together with the most used (RBF and ABS). It is based on a pneumatic braking system, using brake units with electronic control, which improves its performance. Compared with ABS, electronic brake system is more advanced, but its distribution is still limited because of the cost incurred by the use of expensive electronic equipment.



Projection of mobile application for monitoring and managing of freight transportation

Procudin G.S., Pashko A.A.,
Poleva N.N.

The paper drafted an automated system for monitoring and control cargo transport for mobile equipment.

Object of the study -methods and algorithms for control and management of freight transportation, taking into account the specific features and mobile equipment.

Purpose of the study - to design a software system to optimize road transport routes that can run on a mobile device and use all the features of Google Map.

Method of the study - a systematic analysis of the design and development of software.

Existing automated system for managing freight transportation does not meet the requirements of today is cumbersome when setting up, expensive in maintenance. The structure of the automated system is focused on the use of mobile equipment, inexpensive to use and maintain, meet the requirements of different structure and composition of companies involved in freight transportation. In this paper, the structure developed an automated system that focuses on the operating system Android. Also developed a logical date model to solve all the problems related to the development of routes, their representation on the map optimization of financial criteria.

The results of the article can be used to develop systems for mobile equipment running Android.

KEYWORDS: mobile device, operating system ANDROID, DATALOHIC MODEL, THE STRUCTURE OF AUTOMATED SYSTEM DESIGN mobile applications.


Experimental studies of the stress and strain state of multilayered plates

Rasskazov О.О., Bondarskyi О.H.

The paper proposes the results of experimental studies of multilayered plates.

Object of the study - rectangular laminated plate consisting of different number of layers and having different placement.

The purpose of the study - a statistical analysis of the stress and strain state of plates.

For calculations of thin layered structures, which are made of composite materials are used theories that take into account the influence of transverse shear and normal compression layers and orthotropy. The basis of one of the options of applied multilayered plates and shells theory are placed hypotheses about the distribution of the thickness of the transverse shear stresses, transverse normal strain and transverse normal stress for the package as a whole. To establish the boundaries of application of applied theory there were experimental investigations of the stress and strain state of multilayer plates of different thickness and structure in different variants of resistance conditions. Static tests were carried out in conditions of restraint and swivel resistance of the contour and restraint and hinge resistance on two opposite sides. Experimentally obtained values of deflections and stresses were compared with the results calculated from equations based on version of the specified theory.

It was decided that this specified version of the theory can be applied for practical calculations of multilayer plates and shells.

The results can be implemented in engineering practice in the design and construction of layered structures.

Expected assumptions about the object development are a search for the optimal structure of multilayer plate package.



Process approach to improving car-care centre’s service quality and performance

Rudzinskiy V.V., Markov O.D., Nyzkovolosov V.V.

The article uses a process approach to improving the efficiency and quality of services provided car-care centre’s, through the use of subjective properties staff.

Object of the study - the characteristics (properties) of the personnel of car-care centre.

Purpose of the study - to identify the most important subjective characteristics of car-care centre’s workers on the basis of the peer review.

Method of the study - peer-review.

Identified the most important subjective characteristics personnel affecting the efficiency and quality in the car-care centre. Found that such characteristics are: capacity for self- friendliness, positive relations, striving for perfection (process of learning new technologies and methods), the executive discipline, ambition on getting the result (result-oriented), honesty and openness in relations with others, organization, punctuality, willingness to help colleagues’ responsibility.

In determining these subjective properties staff applied the peer-review method with appropriate mathematical treatment of statistical material, which is obtained by experimental means.

Our results can be implemented on car-care centre’s, precisely in: personnel department, heads of sections and departments that are directly involved in the production process.

KEYWORDS: Car-CARE CENTre, personnel, process approach, SERVICES, QUALITY, subjective characteristics


System structure ekonominoi enterprise security

Rudkovskii A.V.

This paper proposes an approach to the definition of the security system and improved technique to study processes related to the identification of factors affecting the economic security.

Object of the study - the structure of the system of economic security.

Purpose of the study - to examine approaches to determining the structure of economic security. Systematize these approaches, identify positive and negative aspects of each of these approaches and offer their vision of the structure of economic security. Consider - theoretic and methodological foundations improve economic security management.

Method of the study - based methodology laid systematic approach, in which methods are applied: induction and deduction, comparison and classification. Using a systematic approach investigated the state of economic security in Ukraine and the peculiarities of its functioning.

The results of the article can be incorporated into the making predictions, strategies and programs for long-term

Forecast assumptions about the object of study - оur results can be introduced at making predictions, strategies and programs for long-term development of enterprises.



To the preliminary estimate of firmness of motion of lorry convoy with the guided semitrailer

Sakhno v.P., Poliakov V.M., Bosenko V.M., Gumenyuk P.O.

A research object is firmness of lorry convoy with control the system by a semitrailer.

A purpose of work is a preliminary estimate of firmness of motion of lorry convoy with the guided semitrailer.

A research method is analytical.

The management of the towed lanocs wheels can be provided both in the function of corner of turn of the guided wheels of car-tractor and corner of drafting of lorry convoy. More simple control the system by the towed links and which is widely utillized in control the system lorry convoys, there is control the system, which utillizes the corner of drafting of lorry convoy. However at application of any control the system by the towed links firmness of lorry convoy is worsened. It is set that at motion of lorry convoy by transitional curves a drafting corner in the moment of output of semitrailer on a transitional trajectory (from rectilineal) does not exceed 2,80, and displacement of trajectory of semitrailer in relation to the trajectory of tractor in this point - 0,19 m. It possibility to simplify the algorithm of management a semitrailer, that to begin the turn of the guided wheels (axes) of semitrailer in the moment of his output on a curvilinear trajectory behind time in time on the way of passing of distance a semitrailer from the point of coupling to the guided ax and to determine position of the control point of semitrailer after the corner of drafting of lorry convoy or corner of turn of the guided wheels of tractor. Coming from it the trajectories of semitrailer were built at motion of lorry convoy by transitional trajectories. The maximal rejections of trajectory of semitrailer in relation to the trajectory of tractor do not exceed 5,3%, which testifies to satisfactory work of the developed occasion of management.

Dependence of constituent of lateral acceleration is set on the base|baseline| of car-tractor, which|what| can serve one of basic|main| criteria of firmness|resistibility| of lorry convoy. It is rotined that some|certain| optimum|quality-controlled| base|baseline|, at which|what| lateral accelerations on an entrance|input-output| transitional trajectory arrive at the minimum | which provides|secure| necessary firmness|resistibility| of lorry convoy, is, and it follows to elect such base|baseline| for a car-tractor at completing|acquisition| of lorry convoy.

Results of the article can be the managements of | lorry convoys inculcated|introduct| in the systems semitrailers and at the preliminary estimate|estimation| of firmness|resistibility| of lorry convoy with the guided semitrailer.



Estimated uncertainty of measurement during the vehicle braking of tests

Sitovskyi O.P., Dembitskyi V.M., Kashuba A.M., Bosenko V.M.

In the article considered the methodology for assessing the effectiveness of the results tests of electrodynamics' braking by criterion of steady deceleration.

Object of research are braking properties of the vehicle with electric and hybrid power plant equipped with electrodynamics' braking system.

The subject of research is to assess the results obtained by the experimental method, using the concept of uncertainty of measurement.

The main problem after experiments in the research is to assess the reliability of their results. For this purpose worked to identify the components of the uncertainty of measurement, analysis, calculation, and also provided an algorithm for estimating uncertainty and determined confidence interval. Also considered by practical calculation and determination of the confidence interval for actual test results.

The results can be applied in evaluating the results of experiments and testing scientific institutes, testing organizations and other stakeholders.



Legal acts analysis which determines operation with perishable cargo on different types of transport

Sopotsko O.Y.

This article analyzes the legal acts rail, air and road transport.

The object of investigation − regulations railway, air and road transport.

Purpose is to analyze legal acts rail, air and road transport. Explore how to define the term "perishable cargo" regulations railway, air and road transport.

Research methods − a comparison, analysis and synthesis.

The analysis of legal acts showed no single interpretation of the concept of perishable cargo. Definition of perishable cargo contains in many documents, but they all have different specifications, which actually referred to above. These formulations can be described as two philosophical categories such as form and content, as they have different verbal formulation, but the content and meaning of identical and requires compliance with temperature control during transportation and storage.

The results of the article can be used when developing the efficient management of logistics systems in supply chains of perishable cargo.

Expected assumptions about the object of study − the approximation of national legislation with international regarding the definition of "perishable cargo".



The method of operative management in road building

Sokhan V.V.

The article considers method of operative management in road building.

Object of the study - the method of operative management in road building.

Purpose of the study - is the method of operative management specific of the road building.

Method of the study - Earned value management.

One important task of the project manager is to track work on the program. This result is the basis for making adjustments previously taken if deviations in the project is significant.. To monitor the status of the project are used fairly simple visualization tools, such as a chart points, Gantt diagram and earned value management. Despite the widespread use of this method, there are problems of its application in the monitoring of the implementation of project activities, and require further study.

Any project manager can use this information to forecast the costs necessary for completion of the project with the lowest probability of error. If in the early stages of the project manager receives data on the actual performance of the project, not acceptable for a number of parameters, it can serve as a warning signal and will take steps to prevent undesirable consequences.

Results of the article allow to show description of the project and a detailed timetable for its implementation at an early stage, monitor the effectiveness of the expenditure is to predict the final costs based on actual project implementation, change management directive project schedule.

Forecast assumptions about the objects of study - the search for the optimal method of operative management in road building.



Improving methods of dispatching management trucking companies

Tarasenko A.N., Gusha O.O., Danylenko I.V.

. Visnyk National Transport University. - Kyiv. National Transport University. 2014. - Vol. 29.

In the article proposed improving methods of dispatching trucking companies.

Object of study - process transportation of goods by road, process transportation of passenger the bus route.

Purpose - determine optimal number of dispatchers for system.

Method study - statistical analysis of the temporal characteristics,

It was found that: interval of time between the arrival of drivers vehicle in this system affecting on the total time the drivers vehicle in a queuing system; of time for service dispatching of the driver affecting on the total time "the driver in a queuing system". It was found equations that allow to simulate optimal dispatching process.

Our results was applied to enterprises in motor vehicles to reduce downtime vehicle. Our results was applied in the educational process in the preparation of specialists in "Organization and management of road transport"

Assumptions about the development of the object of research - finding the optimal methodological approach to improve the process scheduling trucking companies.



Methodology of conceptual innovation management by technological development of motor transport

Кhabutdinov R.A.

In the article the attributive- structural models of projects of creation and consumption of motor-car transport service are offered, and also model of function having a special purpose for forming of conceptual novation processes of resource- saving reproduction of motor-car transport services are offered.

Object of the study - transport- technological operation which technological novations will be realized in.

Purpose of the study - forming of notion and criterion for methodologies of management by technological development of the motor transport.

Method of the study - theoretical analysis of structures of projects of creation and consumption of motor-car transport services (MCTS).

Knowledge bases about creation and consumption of MCTS is of principle differentiate, because they come from different paradigms and conceptual ideas. In a notion and criterion for the analysis of process of consumption MCTS part of functions of subjects of the management is taken into account only, organizational and technological contradictions which do not allow to use this for the decision of tasks of the technological development of the motor transport are here saved. The structures of projects of consumption and creation are set, on which it is possible to estimate the degree of accordance of these projects between itself, and also to conceptions of novation and operating technological resources of economy. The attributive- structural models of projects of creation and consumption MCTS are offered, and also model of function having a special purpose for forming of conceptual and novation processes of resource- saving reproduction. The chainlet chart of concordance of knowledge bases is offered between the projects of current consumption MCTS and their creations in the future taking into account realization of transport technological novation in the vital cycle of a car. It allows to realize the conceptual novation charts of the technological management in the motor transport.

The results of the article can be realized by managers for the long-term management by the technological development of the motor transport.

Prognosis assumptions about development of object of research are the search of a new technological paradigm and marketability conception of novation and operating technological, energy- and resources of economy on the motor transport.



Transport-technological substantiation of the light-duty vehicles

Habutdinov R.A., Hutsuliak A.S.

In the article it is offered the technique transport-technological justification of light-duty vehicles.

Object of research - it is transport - technological process of city transportations.

Purpose of the research - formation of basic provisions of a technique transport-technological justification of light-duty vehicles by criteria of their energy efficiency.

Light-duty vehicles - the difficult technical device which has difficult constructive structure and is used in city conditions of transportations. Thus it is realized intermittent movement that leads to substantial increase of level of power consumption of transportations.

It is defined that for formation of the methology of a technique transport-technological justification of light-duty vehicles it is necessary to use the theory of energy- resources efficiency. Based on specific mathematical models have been defined quantitative characteristics of energy efficiency light-duty vehicles and their change depending on a variation of coefficient of of static impact of capacity utilization and resistance on the road performance of energy efficiency of cars. Thus, the analysis of the energy indicators of vehicles allows to carry out justification of the choice of light-duty vehicles.

Results of article can be introduced in the transport organizations which are carrying out city transportation of goods by a light-duty vehicles.

Expected assumptions of development of object of research - introduction of a technique transport - technological justification of cars light-duty vehicles for ensuring the greatest energy efficiency of their transportations.



Transportation and technology basing of buses for urban transportation

Khabutdinov R.A., Derun O.L.,
Osadcha O.V.

The analysis of technical, operating and power characteristics of urban bus transport.

Object of the study - transport operation bus transportation.

Purpose of the study - to monitor and analyze the technical and operational characteristics of buses and energy within the concept of energy saving.

Method of the study - the method to the analysis of preoperational and operational efficiency of the transport buses using the theory of energy-resource efficiency of the vehicle.

Analyzed the characteristics of buses using the methods of the theory of energy resources efficiency.Calculated their energy characteristics: the coefficients of speed, fuel rate of mileage, indicators of energy efficiency. Retrieved regularities of influence utilization rate of passenger capacity, coefficient of resistance on the way to energy efficiencyindex of buses.

The results of the article can be used by transport companies when choosing a bus to transport passengers.

Expected assumptions about the object of study - to find ways of implementing the methods of the theory of energy-resource efficiency in the transport business.



Technique of the analysis of exploitation- technological and energy indexes of truck trailer

Habutdinov R.A., Kovbasenko O.G.

In the article considers technique of the analysis of exploitation- technological and energy indexes of truck trailer.

The object of research - transport-technological process of international transport structurally based on the parametrical organization of a design of motor vehicles.

Purpose of research - to monitor and analyze exploitation- technological and energy indexes of the truck trailer.

We found out that for solving problem of analysis of exploitation- technological and energy indexes of the truck trailer, it is necessary to use adapted mathematical models of the theory energy-resource efficiency of the cars of general type. The quantitative characteristics of energy-resource efficiency are defined and comparable analysis of new and old modified of the truck trailer "Volvo and Mercedes" are determined.

The results of the article can be implemented in international transport company dealing with using and purchasing truck trailers for freight transportation.

Expected assumptions of the development of object of research - introduction of a technique of the analysis of exploitation- technological and energy indexes of truck trailer in the international road transport companies responsible for freight transportation for increase of transport energy efficiency of truck trailer and level of technical and technological competitiveness of future transport offers.



Methodology of revealing of the accompanying goods

Khavruk V.O.

In article the question of increase of efficiency of activity of the enterprise concerning sales of the goods by introduction of methodology of revealing of the accompanying goods is considered.

Object of the study - a control system of stocks.

Purpose of the study- a general characteristic, the analysis of influence of the accompanying goods on the warehouse rests and volumes of automobile components and development of a technique of revealing of such goods for efficient control stocks.

Method of the study - the analysis of indicators of methodology of revealing of the accompanying goods.

It is established that management efficiency stocks and on a choice of optimum tactics of the order of automobile components is influenced by the accompanying goods - the goods which can be got by consumers in a complex (complete sets) that is caused by features of carrying out of certain works in a maintenance time and repairs. The methodology of revealing of the accompanying goods includes set of indicators among which the factor of the general sales of the goods (KMN) and factor of «termination» of sales of one goods in the absence of another (LMN) is the cores. In particular, it is established that between these factors there is a direct dependence, namely the closer factor KMN to 1, and factor LMN - t o 0, the above dependence of sale of the accompanying goods from each other that specifies in existence of «locking» communication.

The expediency of application of methodology of revealing of the accompanying goods for grouping of the nomenclature on the basis of ABC-analysis for forecasting of sales and calculations of necessary quantity of purchases is proved.

Results of the researches resulted in article can be used for working out and introduction of control systems by stocks of material resources by any subjects of economic activities, in particular the autoservice enterprises.

Forecast assumptions about the object of study - a search of optimal strategy of management by the supplies of the associated goods taking into account expansion of their assortments and increase of requirements of consumers.



The method of vehicles’ energy efficiency analysis considering the traffic conditions

Khmelov I.V., Gusev A.V.,
Pitsyk M.H.

The paper proposes a method for analyzing the traffic conditions’ influence on vehicles’ energy efficiency.

Object of study - the process of transportation, in which the complex of vehicle’s properties appears as transport technical resources’ medium.

Purpose - to identify patterns of changing the traffic conditions on vehicles’ transport-technological quality.

Method study - energy measurement and comparison of cars’ energy characteristics with his reference prototype, methods of set theory and methods of the vehicles’ energy-resource efficiency.

The main drawback of the existing methods of study and choice of vehicles is that they are based on the idea of the rolling stock’s cost-effectiveness and do not reflect an important feature of future transport technologies - change the technology and increase the energy efficiency of machine procedures transportation technologies. We found that the choice of rolling stock necessary to consider the evolution of the vehicles’ structural parameters and variety of traffic conditions. The novelty is to identify the relationship of the technological procedures’ characteristics to vehicles’ energy efficiency to improve the energy-resource efficiency of freight road transport.

Our results can be used by design and research institutions in solving the problems of analysis and efficiency of international road freight transport as well as for the prediction of energy efficiency’s change by changing traffic conditions.

Forecast assumptions about the object of study - the definition of rational option car design that delivers its functional efficiency’s optimal performance and maximizing the resources’ output of transportation for given conditions (modes) of operation.



Formation of criteria for assessment of environmental projects for sustainable development of the transport system

Khrutba V.

Formation evaluation criteria of environmental projects for sustainable development the transport system described in paper. However, with the increase of anthropogenic impact on the environment increasing number of studies related to the problems of environmental conservation based design approach and search criteria of an effective environmental project.

The aim of the paper is the development of criteria for assessing the success of environmental projects for sustainable development of the transport system.

In this paper we solved the following problems:

- experience forming system of indicators to measure the success of projects and programs analyzed;

- project estimation algorithm to certain eligibility criteria of optimality and advantages developed;

- target function project performance formed and a structural model for evaluating the efficiency of target based project;

- system criteria of an effective implementation of environmental projects developed;

- developed indicators applied to assess the effectiveness of the program of environmental management of transport.

Analysis of the experience of forming the system of indicators to measure the success of projects and programs carried out. The main types of criteria for evaluating projects identified and classified according to eligibility criteria of optimality and advantages. Algorithm that allows the evaluation of the project by selected criteria developed. Target function project performance ) formed.

The function is based on eligibility criteria of optimality and the benefits it includes environmental and economic criteria for project appraisal and performance management process project - the extent to which environmental performance of the project (Eekoloh), the extent to which the economic efficiency of the project (Eekonom), the effectiveness of the project management (Emen ).

Structural model for evaluating the efficiency of target based project.

System criteria of an effective implementation of environmental projects is based on the balanced scorecard. Balanced Scorecard is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of the program of environmental management of transport Map Balanced Scorecard project developed.

The results of the article can be used in projects Sustainable development of the transport sector.



Cloud technologies as a tool of open education

Chervyakova T.I.

The article investigates the usage of cloud information and communication technologies in teaching within opened conceptual model of education.

Object of study - cloud technology.

Purpose - to develop cloud architecture for universities.

Methods of research - analysis, synthesis, generalization, systematization.

Integration into the European educational community requires implementation of the latest teaching methods based on the use of innovative information and communication technologies to the educational process of higher school. Usage of innovative technologies, including cloud, in different areas of educational activity promotes modernization of education in general, its transition to qualitatively new level. Cloud services encourage researchers and practitioners to rethink the use of the Internet and ICT in education from gaining access to educational materials to carrying out scientific and research works in conjunction with lecturer or in group.

The main characteristics which define the key differences of cloud services from others are self-service on demand, universal access to the network, grouping of resources, flexibility, etc. These features significantly diversify capabilities of users by supporting of services by various device classes, from personal computers to mobile phones, which is consistent with main principles of open education: freedom of choice, invariance of learning, independence in time, extraterritoriality, humanity, internationalization, profitability, mobility, equality of access.

The analysis of modern features provided by cloud technologies for higher education, options for virtualization of IT infrastructure of educational laboratories and features of usage of cloud applications in student projects suggested the model of choice of cloud provider as a cloud stack, depending on the level of abstraction of cloud services and cloud architecture for universities, which use cloud technology in its activities.

Using of cloud technologies is quite promising for universities, especially at the present stage of economic development. One of the most significant economic effects is substantial reduction of expenses on software, server hardware and support staff.

Keywords: Information and communication technologies (ICT), cloud technologies, cloud computing, learning process, education.


Research the current state of the transport services market in ukraine

Shyrіaіeva S., Selivanova N.

The article reviews the current state of the transport services market in Ukraine with the participation of domestic and foreign vehicles. The analysis of statistical data in recent years. Classified list of major transport and related additional services identified the need for further research on this topic. Also analyzed the exports and imports of transport services in Ukraine.

The object of study - the market of transport and related ancillary services.

Purpose - to develop measures to improve the quality of transportation services and expand the range of additional services associated national operators.

The current state of the transport market is investigated from the standpoint of the need to improve the quality of transport services and the expansion of related ancillary services. Analyzed in export-import markets of transport services. Research the tendencies of the transport market in Ukraine. Also, analyzed and classified the main transport and related additional services.

Based on the data revealed the need for further research on ways to increase the quality of transport services and the concomitant increase in the range of additional services for national operators.

Expected assumptions about the object of study - improving the quality of transport services in the transportation of goods, expanding the range of related ancillary services.



Іnvestigation of oxides phases of sistems li-ni-o, which appear at cooperation of formiat lithium and nickel

Shpak A.Y., Andriyko A.A., Vlasenko N.Y.

It was suggest to obtain lithium-nickel mixed oxides by corresponding formate mixtures pyrolysis.

Subject of investigation: lithium-nickel mixed oxides.

Aim of work: definition optimal synthesis conditions of lithium-nickel oxides during formate mixtures pyrolysis.

Research methods: element analysis (photometric for nickel and volumetric for oxygen), X-ray phase analysis.

It was shown that lithium-nickel mixed oxides are formed at 425-800ºС. It was defined depending structure type, changes of lattice constants and composition of formed oxides on synthesis temperature.

Results of this research will be adopted in development of new cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries.

Future plan is implementation development of new cathode materials based on lithium-nickel-manganese mixed oxides.

Key words: mixed oxides, pyrolysis, structure parameters


Routing of international road transportation of dangerous goods

Shurupov V.O.

In this article an approach to the problem of dangerous goods road transportation network synthesis is proposed, the results of routing methods analysis are given, and the values of characteristics and parameters of dangerous goods transportation process are defined.

Object of the study - dangerous goods transportation process.

Purpose of the study - to define a procedure of road network routing for dangerous goods transportation, to justify the routing methods, and to define the parameters of international road transportations of dangerous goods.

Methods of the study - system analysis of road network synthesis methods and transportation routing and statistics analysis of transportation process.

The dangerous goods road transportation network of Ukraine is formed without a sufficient substantiation, it has no identification signs, it is not provided with appropriate infrastructure. Therefore, the problem of the appropriate network synthesis that accounts for the limits of road vehicles traffic and the value of investments in infrastructure development requires a solution. In order to solve the problem, the procedure of directed option examination for a complex criterion of maximization of the difference between the value of possible effects and the costs those are required for the development of road infrastructure for organization of transportations. The evaluation of possible effects includes accounting for transportation costs, road conditions, traffic safety, and possible ecological and economical losses in case of emergency.

It is established that there are no efficient and at the same time universal ways to solve the routing problem. The universal disadvantage of all the approximation methods is analytically undefined accuracy of their performance. The known methods of transportation routing for small batches are oriented towards route distance minimization. The trip minimization criterion is not sufficient for the evaluation of road transport performance. Adoption of other criteria that change depending on the sequence of points in a route disputes the suitability of using the most known routing methods. Some attempts, undertaken in several works, to use the cost price criterion seem to be unsuccessful due to uncertainty of the procedure of vehicle load calculation on route.

The achieved research results of freight flows, characteristics and parameters of dangerous goods transportations allow solving the road network synthesis problem, verifying the adequacy of mathematical models, and substantiating the choice of transportation routing methods for specific operating conditions.

The results of the article can be introduced in the planning of dangerous goods transportations.

Forecast assumptions about the object of study - substantiation of the staging of modernization of the dangerous goods transportation network in Ukraine.



The need to clarify the calculated characteristics of soil in justification of project decisions in the reconstruction and overhaul of the roads

Shulyak I.S.

This paper discusses the need for clarification of the design characteristics of soils in justifying design decisions on reconstruction and capital repairs ofthe roads.

Object of the study - road construction.

Purpose of the study - comparison of the calculated and actual soil characteristics on specific areas of roads.

Method of the study - methods of the theory of elasticity, finite element method (FEM), field trials.

One of the significant factors that lead to the destruction of road construction is mis-accounting of the actual state of soil subgrade in the design of pavement.

Using tabulated values of the design characteristics of soils given in national regulations, leads to the fact that design decisions on reconstruction and capital repairs of highways often not well-founded.

To establish the degree of discrepancy between estimated and actual characteristics of the soil in specific areas of roads at different times were measured actual deflections surface coatings in the billing period. In the vicinity of the measurement points were selected cores, which were determined by the thickness of the structural layers of pavements on the selected sites.

For the calculated values of the elastic deflections of pavement structures were brought to the two-layer system. The maximum elastic deflection surface of the two-layer system obtained from the calculated load is determined by the formula Barbera.

In addition, the calculated values of the elastic deflections are determined using the finite element method using the software complex «SCAD» with the same initial data.

The results of the comparison of the calculated and actual deflections surface coatings have shown that in most cases the actual values measured deflections surface coating on the test plots far exceed deflections calculated using the following in VBN V.2.3-218-186-2004 table data on the deformation characteristics of soils and pavement materials.

Detailed field testing of soil need to be performed to take a more informed design decisions in the reconstruction and capital repairs of the roads.



Recent developments in social protection in ukraine

Nosachenko I.M, Nosachenko Y.S.

This paper addresses issues of social inequality and poverty, analyzes the effectiveness of social protection in Ukraine and poverty alleviation.

The aim is to study inequality and poverty in the world and in Ukraine in particular, as well as identify ways to improve the modern system of social protection and social security of the population, improving the state’s economic policy on poverty alleviation in Ukraine.

For proper evaluation of the effectiveness of the government in achieving its strategic objectives on social protection, must occupy an important position monitoring using criteria and approaches for evaluating the efficiency of this strategy, which will allow to detect weaknesses and ineffective measures in solving problems country and their timely removal.

The problem of social protection Ukraine needs a systematic approach to take account of economic, social and legal mechanisms, and examining it in a broader humanitarian context, as something inherent in the economy of each country.



Design of information and communication flows in the programmes of transportation and logistics systems

Grysiuk Yu.S., Labuta A.V.

In the article the building information model for managing targeted programs in the field of transport and logistics using the methodology IDEF.

Object of research and information flow programs.

Purpose - to develop movement patterns of information flow development program that would ensure effective coordination of all its members and processes.

Research Methods - graphic, systematic approach, structural analysis.

For the effective modeling and the results in accordance with the terms and resource management industry program should be a process in which work is coordinated by the leaders, artists and experts. This should be a process that fully takes advantage of the methodology is based on the separation of the functions of the project participants and the iterative nature of the review, in which validated diagrams or models, as well as their compliance goals.

The results of the article can be used by project managers in the construction of communication and information environment projects and programs as a tool for visualization and optimization of traffic flow information.

Expected assumptions about the object of study - a detailed construction traffic information flows specific processes and activities in proektiah and programs of the transport sector.