Herald of National Transport University. Series Engineering -  Issue 3 (53), 2022


1.      Al-Ammori Ali, Chervyakova T.I.. Control of knowledge with the use of dynamic electronic tickets during distance learning in a covid-19 pandemic


2.      Andrusenko S.I., Buhaichuk O.S., Budnychenko V.B., Podpisnov V.S. Optimization of production structure of a motor transport enterprise


3.      Baran S.A., Kutsman O.M., Hrynchak I.I. Forecasting the durability of road covering made of stone-mastic asphalt concrete


4.      Baranov G.L., Komisarenko .S., Voidenko O.K. Evolution of intellectual transport systems on the development of smart technologies


5.      Bezverhiy .., Kutsenko .. Peculiarities of using mobile applications for the transport industry


6.      Bosenko V.M., Timkov O.M., Yashchenko D.M., Korpach O.A. Dynamic control systems of a semi-trailer trolley


7.      Vyhovska I.A. Regarding traffic flow conditions on the network of public highways


8.      Vyshenska O.V., Bilobrytska O.I., Meish Yu. A. Linear extensions of differential equations with impulse influence


9.      Vorkut T.., Bozhok Y.O., Lushchai Yu.V., Petunin A.V., Kharuta V.S. Structuring portfolios of public participation projects


10.   Gavrilenko O.V., Dmytruk O.Y., Teteruk A.V. Mathematical models and artificial intelligence tools usage for automation of writing musical compositions


11.   Hora .D. Improvement of the energy efficiency of the spark ignition engine at full load


12.   Gourch L.M., Dolinska T.V. Smart city: realities and future of Ukraine


13.   Gutarevich Yu.F., Rychok S.O. Improvement of the fuel economy of the engine with spark ignition by improving the method of disconnecting the group of cylinders when adjusting the energy indicators by the combined method


14.   Danchuk V.D., Svatko V.V., Bogdanets Y.I. Developing the method of optimizing the route of cargo transportation in cities using information technologies based on the modified ant algorithm


15.   Dmytrychenko M.F., Milanenko A.A., Savchuk A.N, Hlukhonets A.A., Turitsa Y.A., Kushch O.I., Kosenko M.I. Features of testing lowsaps motor oils for powerful euro 6 diesel engines


16.   Duleba A.D., Sopotsko Y.O., Duleba N.V. 3D modeling of the tooth-rounding depressions of the roller for forming the end surfaces of the teeth of the gears of vehicles by rolling


17.   Kovalenko O.L. Development of alternative options of strategic decisions in the public sphere according to the innovation methodology


18.   Kovbasenko S.V., Buhryk O.V., Simonenko V.V., Moroz V.V. Determination of rational parameters of diesel use biofuels from disposed waste of food fats


19.   Korchevska A.A. n the question of the influence of changes in the transport infrastructure on the characteristics of transport flows


20.   Kostian N.L. omplex energy efficiency evaluation of urban passenger transport


21.   Krasnoshtan O.M. Management and development of human resources in the process of innovative development of transport systems


22.   Kunytskyi M.O. Determination of hydraulic calculation of wastewater flows in sewage networks using the tempest program


23.   Kukhtyk N.O., Kukhtyk V.V. Barabash O.V. The nature of changes in the concentration of pollutants in exhaust gases during the movement of a car


24.   Lanovyi O.T., Kiselyov V. B., Kosharny O.M. Methodological fundamentals of synthesis of models for forecasting rational functioning and development of road network


25.   Lisoval A.A., Humenchuk M.I. Prospects and stages of biogas application In energy and transport of Ukraine


26.   Loboda A.V. Implementation of the provisions of the Law of Ukraine On the fundamentals of national resistance through the adaptation of the discipline program Safety of labor in the industry and civil defense in NTU to the requirements of the martial state


27.   Marunych S.V., Starynets L.M. Modern approaches to decarbonization and principles of reducing parametric pollution of airport infrastructure facilities (on the example of international experience)


28.   Musiiko V.D., Koval A.B., Patsora D.I. Determination of the rational parameters for the construction of the tray discharge assembly of the bucketless rotary implements of the trenching excavators


29.   Nevinhlovskyi V.F., Stozhka V.V., Shpyh A.Yu, Shnaider M.I. Experience in using FluxOil series plasticizers for the production of cold bitumen mineral road mixes


30.   Pavlovskyi M.V. Results of the calculation of mass emissions of harmful substances with exhaust gas and the fuel consumption of a diesel vehicle with the use of a mathematical model


31.   Panin M.I., Samoilenko I. V. Use of the additive of hydrogen-containing gas in engines operating on liquefied petroleum gas


32.   Popelysh D.M. To determine the lateral stability of the tank car


33.   Porfirenko V.I., Kudin Y.R. Measures to minimize environmental pollution during vehicle operation


34.   Prokudin G.S., Remekh I.O. Theoretical foundations of the organization of freight transportation on transport networks


35.   Samoylenko E.S. Modeling the level of urban pollution by controlling the parameters of the traffic flow


36.   Sichko O.Y., Parkhomenko O.O., Kosharnyi M.M., Godovanyuk P.D. egularities and features of need formation in spare parts at auto service enterprises


37.   Sysoev I.K., Gavrilenko V.V., Shumeiko O.A., Rudoman N.V., Donets V.V. Prospects of python algorithmic language in students 'handling of machine learning disciplines


38.   Soltus A.P., Klimov .S., Tarandushka L.. Peculiarities of kinematics and dynamics of the steered wheel depending on the knuckle length


39.   Topolskov Ye.A., Viter M.B., Fedin S.S. Models and algorithm of transportation route taking into account distances and probabilities of unconstrained passing for road transport


40.   Usychenko O.Y., Plytus R.M. Analysis of strength parameters of polymer geogrids in reinforced soil structures of roads and highways


41.   Fedorov, V.V., Filipova G.A.  Internal noise level reduction of the armored vehicle Novator


42.   Khabutdinov R.A. Principles and methods of conceptual improvement of energy resource efficiency of motor vehicles and transport services in their life cycles


43.   Chovcha I.V. The maneuverability of motor train with trailor category O1


44.   Chupailenko O.A., Bilokur M.V., Polishchuk R.V., Kolesnyk Yu.O. Logistics of the functioning of multimodal transportation


45.   Shlyun N.V., Zaiets Yu. O. About the internal mechanism of thermal damage in reinforced composites with thermomechanical incompatibility of their phases


46.   .. Approaches of syncretic management in road infrastructure restoration projects


47.   .., . ., .., .. Perspectives of dual higher education implementation in the specialists for the transport industry of Ukraine training